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04-18-2010, 12:17 PM
Been Checkin out the Forums for a while now, and thought I should start giving back some of my own lake info to help others out. Thanks everyone for all of your posts in the past, and promise my freeloading days are over.:dancingorange: I will start posting my trips.

Went to San Pablo Yesterday with 2 buddies. They aren't avid fisherman so we didn't hit the lake until 11am. Rented a boat, and hit all the spots around the lake I caught fish at last year. First fish of the day was a LMB, caught while I was jigging form trout/panfish under a bobber. Second fish was a 4lb LMB caught with the same setup, still no trout.

About to switch spots when my rod goes down, 1.5lb Rainbow, not bad. OF COURSE, decide to hang out at the spot for another 30min for nothing. From there we went to 4 other spots for nothing, ending up right back to our original spot to end the day. Tried jigging some more for bass, even setup a drop shot setup on my trout rod, MAN I WISH I HAD MY BASS GEAR. Caught one more rainbow, same size, and headed in to end the day. Funny thing was, I caught all the fish. Felt bad, they both just bought rods and were trying to break them in. Maybe next time! Going to the Kern on Wednesday.

Water was Murky and Cold. Fish seemed to be holding close to the banks.

Cheers Guys, FISH ON!

04-18-2010, 09:58 PM
Thanks for the report finhunter. San Pablo has not been the same for fishing for us. We use to catch some nice lunkers, but seems like the fish are smaller and not as many as before. Only been to San Pablo once this year and got the BIG SKUNK!!!