View Full Version : Monterey Bay Salmon Report for 8th-10th

05-11-2010, 05:11 PM
Fished on my buddy Steve's boat on the first two days. Day 1 we caught 2 fish at 60 ft. OTW with crippled anchovies and red hotspot at 10:00 a.m. and 12. The fish were about 10 pounds each. We didn't have any good bait left so we tried some junk for no love. Our buddy boat released a shaker on the inside and then worked hard to get their limit with 6 fish. Purple haze hoochie with green hotspot, spoons and bait.

Day 2 we waited in the harbor for an hour since the wind was up. This was a bad idea, since by the time we left many boat's were into the fish and the ocean was like a lake. Our first bite came about 7:30 a.m. on crippled anchovie/hotspot setup about 10 feet as Steve was letting the wire down. Fish on, a little line peeling, fish off. Our next bite came about 10 and I ran to the pole and reeled down to pop the line off the clip. Either the line had already come off the downrigger or I didn't reel quick enough. Our buddy boat caught 2 fish and had many pop off's. The fish were short striking. The weather was good in the morning but like the day before the wind picked up around 12 but was definately fishable.

Day 3 I was with my buddy Tom R.L. First fish came at 40 feet around 7 on a gold/white spoon. 2nd fish came when we had at least a triple going on the wire. 1 fish came off at top as Tom reached for the leader. The second fish on that line came into the boat on purple haze hoochie with green hotspot. The third bite was on crippled anchovie and it came off as our buddy Dennis was taking off the first leader. Pretty good action but then we didn't get bit for awhile so we headed inside for nada. Our buddy Kahn was not guiding today so he was on his friends boat and they got a double of nice fish in the afternoon. The bite went off but we were 8 miles away and as we went out it was snotty so we turned around and called it a day. Other boat's were catching fish from 20 feet to about 80. We marked a lot bait down low and the fish were filled with crill. From Salinas to Santa Cruz there are no trey's of anchovies and a lot of bites are coming on bait. It may be rough for a while so I am heading home and may return this coming weekend. Tuesday, Wednesday is the closure.

gone fishin
05-11-2010, 06:08 PM
Hang in there at least you got out there and gave it a go...Thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear toe fish are up instead of 250 down...TC...good luck...Ron