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05-12-2010, 08:45 PM
Took my furlough day today and headed to Collins with the brother in-law. Launched about 8:30am - trolled yellow with spots Sep's swing blade & crawler, Ford fenders & crawler and swapped all kinds of things on the 3rd rod (2 rod stamp). Started on the east side all the way to the mouth of the river. Got a few light bites while passing the marina but didn't get the first fish till we got to the mouth - over by the east buoy. We circled several times. Landed 3 by 10:30 - 2 on the yellow sling blade and one on an F7 Jointed FireTiger rapala about 100' back set 5' on the downrigger. then they basically stopped. Went up river to the bridge, zig zagged all over the river tried the west side out of the mouth and trolled the east side all the way back to the ramp. Got a few light bites on the crawler rigs, but not enough to hook 'em. Water temp was about 61, slightly breezy - gorgeous sunny day. We observed a few other boats dragging stringers but only looked like 1 or 2 per boat. Trout were good sized, about 14" 1.5lb tothing to brag about, nothing to be ashamed of :wink:
Tight lines!

Check out my video - "Hot to Butterfly FIllet a Trout"

05-13-2010, 06:58 AM
I'm lovin the Collins reports !

Congrats. and thanks for posting.