View Full Version : Lake Chabot on May 14 2010

05-15-2010, 05:09 PM
Mr Lake Chabot and Lucky Irish Fan decided to try our luck at coots landing this time so jeff said he would come to my house and pick me up so I said ok what time and he said at 4:30am and I said WTF LOL I was kidding cause I'm just as crazy as jeff is when it comes to fishing I'd fish at 3:30am if that's when the fish are biting. So we got to the spot about 5:15 am and fished to 12:15 pm it was a nice day not to much wind and cloudy which is usualy good for fishing but I only got one good bite and two nibbles where I didn't get a chance to set the hook so I only got one 14 inch trout and jeff didn't get a bite. There were 5 other fisherman there too while we were there and one guy caught two trout and the other 4 guys got no bites. And as Jeff and I walked back from Coots Landing at 12pm I didn't see one fisherman at Indian cove or raccoon point so I'm guessing the fish weren't biting at those spots either that day. I noticed on norcalfishing.com that there is a hold on dept of fish and game plants for the past month so that's why it's so slow right now I believe.