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05-19-2010, 05:23 PM
Gillcollector and I brought our boats and invited his nephew Grant a.ka. Trout Tub Time Machine (TTTM) and his friend Manford a.k.a. Tinman to head up to Pyramid Lake last Wedesday.

FYI. Grant (Marines) and Manford (Army Ranger) both were in Iraq/Afganistan and are now going to college. :waffen093: :arabs04hl4jk:

I was to meet the guys there around noon but ran over a razor blade on my SUV's rear tire, which was ruined, so I didn't arrive till around 6 pm. :cry:

Gillcollector had his boat in the water by 2:15 pm and didn't hit anything for almost an hour. Around 3 pm his nephew Grant, (TTTM) and his friend Manford (Tinman) showed up and they headed up to Spider where they promptly put 4 nice fish to the boat by 6:30 pm. All were caught toplining on spoons 150' to 200' back with a 1 oz banana weight.

We fished the Warrior area mostly the rest of the time we were there. We each fished with two in a boat and TTTM and Tinman swapped places in the mornings and afternoons.

For the three days we put 51 fish to the boat with the largest being a 29.5", 7.45' beautiful male (see below). :yahoo: Super nice fish with great colors! Tinman reeled it in. He caught it on a Father Murphy Red/Orange spoon toplining with a 1 oz banana weight near the Mushroom last Thursday. This was his first time fishing at Pyramid so it was great to see him catch such a trophy fish! http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/grin.gif Now he's hooked on Pyramid! http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/wink.gif

95% of the fish were caught on spoons with a 1 oz. banana weight. Perch Krocodiles, Red/Silver Kroc's, Firetiger Kroc's, and a green/silver Kroc put 5 to the boat Saturday morning, Father Murphy's spoon in Red/Orange or Red/Chartruese killed them on my boat, Thomas Boyant in 49er color was working and some Sierra Spoons as well. The spoon/banana weight with a 200' set back at 2.2 mph was working it. Lymans, Apex and Flatfish just wouldn't produce and didn't do any good on the wire either. All fish we caught were toplining.

The weather was perfect. Zero wind for the entire time we were there. Wednesday was cool but Thursday and Friday it just got better.

In addition to Tinman's hog here are a few other pictures of Gillcollector with a fish on and a sunrise picture.

Also took some pictures of the NEW RESTROOMS they just put in on Saturday! Wow are they nice! Four on Pelican Beach and others on various beaches around the lake! It's about time they put in some permanent restrooms that should stay fairly clean and stable in high winds! http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/grin.gif

This place is always a blast and can't wait to go next time. http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/cool.gif


Tinman's hog - 7.45 lbs, 29 inches long

A Happy Tinman with his hog!

Gillcollector with a fish on!


Pyramid Sunrise

New Pyramid Restrooms

New Restroom Near Launch Ramp

05-19-2010, 06:46 PM
Great fishing report, but I think that goes hand and hand with Pyramid. Those guys deserve it after serving the old Red,White and Blue, now they get to go to college and tell everyone the truth about the world that they can't learn in the books they read. USA! USA! USA! Dam I am proud we got Americans like that and I will pay for the gas if somebody want's to take me out on Pyramid to try and catch something that big. Niiccccccccceeeeeeeee!

05-19-2010, 09:09 PM
Great pics. And thank you to that Marine and Soldier. FISH ON!!!!!!!! RED, WHITE AND BLUE FOREVER!!!!! "Respect is earned. NOT given." Senior Cheif Harris USN.