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05-29-2010, 01:54 PM
Somehow I lasso'd a catfish last night. My brother, his wife, her brother and I went striper fishing last night on the feather.I threw out a second lightweight rig with a crawler on it hoping to get a gill for bait. After a couple hours of casting poppers,bombers,jigs and everything else(and not catching bait) I decided I should rig up my third pole for bait anyhow. So with a #5 circle hook, a 2oz cannonball and 4 whole crawlers I let her rip.Of course, I had to reel in my light bait pole because of all the people in the group, I had the ONLY 2 pole stamp:sad:.
Two minutes later I hear "Ryan I think you have a bite" to which I reply"probably just the current" then I hear a second to the motion. I trot over to my pole, feel the bump and YANK! Then bump bump bump puuuuull."Catfish" I say."you sure its not a striper?" to which I replied with my best look of disregard.
All of a sudden everything stops."crap, he's in a snag". I fight and pull and tug and yank and whip and walk up and down the bank trying in vain to finally claim my prize. I lose heart and decide its time for the old walk and pull(which can be a huge pain in itself with braid). I begin my retreat when i feel everything let go.I begin to reel quickly at first then I slow as I realize there is no longer a fish on the line:sad:
or is there? Dead weight on the line? Its a piece of the snag right?NO! its a little 2 lb catfish! Funny thing was, I thought it was a 1/2 lber at best when I first got into it. I walk my prize over to the lantern for closer examination. This poor soul is completely wrapped in every direction possible with spiderwire(I use PP) and its accompanying mono leader.No wonder he didn't fight at all. My hook is dangling to the side with all the bait intact.:huh:
I'll be damned.....my cannonball somehow got tangled up in the line the fish was tangled in! We cut all the line off, checked her for any damage(I have seen healthy fish, but this was a PERFECT example of what a catfish should look like..pretty pretty) and sent her on her way. Might not have HOOKED a fish, but i'm happy I didn't smell a skunk:)

05-29-2010, 02:45 PM
strange deal..... you will be rewarded by the fish gods for your act of kindness.

05-29-2010, 06:32 PM
and I was tonight while I was chasing shad!