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04-04-2008, 01:36 PM
From Diesel2052:

The MLPA decision makers are meeting this month to decide on which of the three proposals they will implement in the closures of Northern CA coastal state waters. The three proposals are:

1-3 - exceeds criteria and is very restrictive.
4 - Far exceeds criteria and is Extremely restrictive
2-XA - Least restrictive while still meeting all MLPA criteria

The proposal maps are here

Proposal 4 is the choice of the environmentalists that want to close as much fishing down as possible.

Proposal 1-3 is less restrictive than 4 but also seeks to close large areas of coastline to fishing including most of Marin County above Duxbury and around Bodega Head.

The MLPA Initiative NEEDS to see that Proposal 2-XA is the only proposal that achieves conservation with the appropriate level of balance.

Main points regarding proposal “2-XA”: (as retrieved from another fishing web site)

Proposal 2-XA is a well balanced and strong conservation proposal that does not have significant adverse socioeconomic impacts on commercial and/or recreational fishermen and divers but:

Proposal 2-XA achieves the scientific and conservation goals of the MLPA

Proposal 2-XA meets Department of Fish and Game feasibility guidelines

Proposal 2-XA is enforceable and will have broad public support

Proposal 2-XA is the only proposal to have broad support from a wide range of fishing user groups

Proposal 2-XA has a strong backbone of marine reserves with seven core areas where a State Marine Reserve serves as the foundation of the MPA cluster

Proposal 2-XA places an emphasis on total ecosystem protection.

Proposal 2-XA places an emphasis on contributing to a network of MPAs in the "preferred" size range.

Proposal 2-XA has the support of a vast array of commercial and recreational fishermen/women and divers.

Proposal 2-XA and/or its individual components has the support of many in the conservation community.

Major differences between 2-XA and other proposals:

Proposal 4 would essentially prohibit recreational bottom fishing at Duxbury Reef – the most important bottom fishing area north of Point Conception and severely impact recreational fishing out of San Francisco Bay.

Proposal 4 creates an MPA between Half Moon Bay and Ano Nuevo (in the Central Coast study area) which is not needed to meet SAT conservation guidance, with devastating impacts to Pillar Point harbor and users.

Proposal 2-XA has good solutions at Bodega Bay and Half Moon Bay whereas Proposal 4 would be devastating for the small boater and actually creates unsafe situations for the small boat owner as they are forced to fish in rougher less protested waters.

Proposals 4 and 13 both place an MPA at Saunders Reef (an area protected by natural winds and typically rough water) resulting in a disproportionate impact to an area that was severely underrepresented on the Regional Stakeholder Group.

Proposal 2-XA is the only proposal to create an underwater park at Sea Ranch specifically designed for non-consumptive divers while leaving open the traditional public access used by consumptive divers south of Stewarts Point, and when coupled with the private lands to the south becomes a keystone MPA in the overall network. Proposals 13 and 4 impact recreational and commercial users to the highest degree by extending their SMR out to the state waters boundary. Only Proposal 2-XA has struck a real balance in this part of the study area which is reflected in a massive support from local residents, land owners, fishermen, and conservationists.

Decision time on the proposal is this month and public comment is being used as one of the determining factors in this decision. Please write a letter or email to


Reccomend Proposal 2-XA because the future of Californian ability to fish the coastal waters is at stake!

The environmentalists are sending many letters and emails supporting proposal 4 please don't let them shut us down.

When writing letters please speak from the heart do not make form letters. I have it on good authority that form letters are being thrown out.

By the way when they are done with the Northern coast thay will be doing the same to the southern coast and then they plan to do it to SF Bay.

If you want to fish the coast at any time or troll for Salmon on the Marin Coast above Duxbury and you want your kids tio be able to fish those areas then write a letter today and any time you can think of something new to say to promote 2-XA.
By the way you must specify 2-XA if you say proposal 2 or proposal XA the letter will get thrown out.

Please do it today!

Tim C.

Send Emails to Both Addresses containing the Proposal 2-XA!



04-04-2008, 04:07 PM
Just do it guys!!! It is really important,if you like to fish on the coast!

04-05-2008, 06:26 PM
Thanks for posting this info. Fishing has become political whether we like it or not. With the mpa's being established in our area right now we all need to get involved and write letters to support proposal 2-XA. Proposal 2-XA is the least restrictive of the three proposals. All it takes is one or two paragraphs. At the very lease go to Coastsidefishingclub.com where ASA has a letter already written that you can send. A few clicks and your done. It takes less than a minute. This is your opportunity to make a differance.

04-05-2008, 06:28 PM
I got mine sent, to both e-mail addies posted.

04-06-2008, 06:36 AM
Email and snail mail....

04-06-2008, 08:47 AM
Thanks and good job on sending those letters and emails. Here's the address for the prepared letter from ASA. http://capwiz.com/keepamericafishing/issues/alert/?alertid=11225626 This letter only takes about a minute to send. I hope this link works right. A personal letter supporting 2-XA would be great too. Address to MLPAComments@resourses.ca.gov *On April 22,23 a decision is going to be made on which proposal goes forward. Only two weeks left to send letters. If either of the other two proposals get through fishing will be drastically changed forever and not in a good way. There's going to be closures no matter what but at least 2-XA still gives recreational fisherman opportunities to fish.

04-06-2008, 11:34 AM
I am starting to hear that prepared letters used by lots of people are being disregarded. Is there any truth to that? If so, that doesn't seem fair. I am going to follow up my e-mail ones with snail mails, hard copy letters, too.

04-06-2008, 11:55 AM
Personal letters will definately have a greater impact. I've actually done both. Unfortunately not everyone will take the time to write a personal letter so the prepared letter from ASA just makes it really easy. I beleive even with the prepared letter the voume alone will have an impact. Something is better than nothing. Come on guys. It's time to step up to the plate and defend your right to fish!

04-06-2008, 01:11 PM
Most of the time on an option vote personal letters do not make a difference. It is purely a numbers game. Before this became a 3 option deal, personal letters were the framework for what you are now sending letters on. Who bothers to read the personal letters when it's basically an option 1, 2, or 3 type of situation? While it can't hurt, the main thing is that you get your letter sent, even if it just says your Name, Address, and option 2-XA.


04-06-2008, 02:01 PM
All personal letters and emails are suppose to be posted on the DFG mlpa website for anyone to read. They're not just counted and thrown in the garbage. I'm not sure what happens to form letters but a large organization like ASA which represents the fishing industry wouldn't ask us to send their letter if it didn't make a difference.