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03-13-2008, 09:50 AM
Hey everyone! My name is woody and I need a little advise on the best spots, times and baits to use for bat ray in the bay area. I currently live in colorado, but am relocating to pittsburg, april 1st. I grew up in San Diego working on sport fishing boats and fishing I.B. pier and also the bay. Moved out here for work, and miss the hell out of the ocean and being able to fish for real fish, (trout are just about the right size for yellow fin bait though!!!!!!). Used to be an AVID ray and shark shore fisherman and need to get back at it. Any advice, encouragment, or offers to go with me and show this, "So-Cal kid", how you bay area folks, "Git 'er done", would be much appreciated. To date my biggest ray is 147 pounds, biggest shovel nose is 51 pounds, biggest leopard is a mere 12 pounds. I can't wait to here from some of you and after a bit of corrispondance maybe we could swap numbers and then lies!!!! ANY TIPS ON ANY SPOTS, BAITS OR SPEICES WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!!! Lets go fish!!!!!!!!

03-13-2008, 11:49 AM
Welcome to the board! Squid and the rock wall or North bay or San leandro! Just about anywhere in the bay and south bay you can do well from the shore! Good luck my friend! Post-up when you get back!

03-13-2008, 01:41 PM
Would anyone be interested in meeting up and going after some mud marlin?
I have never been fishing for rays and would like to go with someone who knows the ropes. I have everything, so don't worry i wount mooch gear to borrow/break hahaha.

pm me.

03-13-2008, 02:19 PM
You can access the Alameda Rock Wall by the Navy Station from the Encinal boat ramp. For directions look up Encinal High School in Alameda which is right next to the ramp.
Like Big Easy said they are everywhere in the lower bay though, just chuck out a big chunk of Squid.
Since you’re moving to Pittsburg look into the Sturgeon and Striper fishing in that area as well. Prime water. Check out the Sturgeon and Striper boards.
Welcome to the forum.

03-14-2008, 08:33 AM
Thanks for all your input guys and or gals. look forward to maybe meeting some of or all of you, and maybe doing a bunch of mud marlin, "charters". Hope to find a fairly in-expensive boat when I get out there, and maybe a bro or two to help me find the right water to fish. Sorry, but the wife loves to fish, and she'll be with me half the time, (she's better than me anyway, HA!!!!). She was raised here in colorado and has never fished salt, (or as I like to say, "real fishing"). Her biggest fish to date is a whitebass/striper hybrid, ("wiper"), weighing in @ 17.56 lbs. Nice fish, but not a 75 pound ray, sturgeon, or shark!!!! Can't wait till she tangles with a big diamond back, ray, striper, shark, etc. Like I said, I'll be stuck on the shore for awhile, but I will be saving foe a nice little bay skiff. I'm in construction, so if any of you know people that need stuff done, I am licensed in colorado for residential and single story commercial construction. Any leads you could give me would in turn lead to an open spot on any boat I get, (besides, that would only help me master your spots, HA!!!!). Once again, thanks guys, thius is a great site. SPECIAL THANKS TO: GCINGV, SURF RIDER8, and, BIG EASY.

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03-14-2008, 04:59 PM
Woody all I can say is, if you like catching Rays the bay is the place. Way to many as far as I'm concerned. Fish with anything that stinks and you will catch them. Sharks now thats differant. Lots of fun , tons of them to. A boat is better, but lots of shore fishing around. Sturgeon, Stripers, Halibut, and White sea bass. Oh yeah sometime if they let us, and we have fish, even Salmon. Pittsburg is a good central location to fish out of. Hope to see some reports.
As far as meeting folks we have what we call Fest's, where we get together to fish and socialize. Pick a fish or a place and we have one. Go to one and meet a ton of people who love to fish and have a good time.

03-17-2008, 09:05 PM
yep as mentioned above any stinky salt water bait would work.... sardines/anchovies and squid are my go to bait for both rays and sharks.... almost Anywhere in the bay would be a great place for both.... I would say starting from Rodeo down to the south bay would the best...

Berkeley pier, Point Pinole Pier are possibly your two closest locations.... If you want to try the beach go to Bakers Beach [*note this is a nude beach in san francisco... aside from that a great place for rays, sharks, stripers, and saltwater perch].... Or you can try the local piers in san francisco....

Try pierfishing.com ..... great insight to bay area pier/shore fishing....