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06-21-2010, 07:35 PM
Just wondering. I was at Pinecrest with my son and grandsons 6/7 - 6/11 and had a wonderful time. Fishing at the inlet was hot. Rest of the lake was not. we caught lots of trout (as usual) but I also caught 2 Kokes. Didn't know they were in there. I've caught smallmouth and catfish also but this was a 1st for Kokes. Anyone else know of this. they were only 6" so this may be the 1st year? Like to hear from anyone who may know.

06-22-2010, 07:46 AM
Hey Dano

Yea the Kokes have been in there for at least 30 years ( time when we bought our cabin there) and I catch them every year. They are a self sustaining population, but lack the feed to grow any larger than 6-8 inches.

Some years I catch them in late november when I can still get the boat launched, and the are all hooked jaw and ready to spawn!


06-22-2010, 08:28 AM
If you don't mind me asking, what did you catch them on? My girlfriend and I are going up there Sunday for the first time

06-22-2010, 08:39 AM
I also have seen and caught kokes as well in pinecrest. I've caught them in the inlet, and also the first point on the dam we dubbed "kokanee korner" because all our worm trolls would always hook up with those little 6 in buggers.

I wouldn't want to keep those there is no meat on em they are only 5-6in.

The trout you can catch with most any bait at the inlet. Chart powerbait at the inlet is prob the safest, but it has been so hot it doesn't matter which color you use.

06-22-2010, 10:14 AM
This was the 1st time i ever remember catching them and I've been going there since the mid 60s. They were very small (6'').and we caught them on red salmon eggs at the inlet. jfitlia. They are planting the lake about every week and usualy on thursday or friday. The Inlet is the best bet at any time though.

06-22-2010, 12:35 PM

Bait at the inlet, but be prepared for combat fishing at its finest if you are there on the weekends or anytime after around 8 am. That is about the time the rental boats and hikers reach the inlet. Go early or late and miss 90 percent of the crowd.

Trolling its was triple teasers in silver/red top 10 feet, 75-100 setback. No trouble getting limits for 2 in an hour or two at most. Afternoon was just as good as morning.

Good luck