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06-23-2010, 08:48 PM
I'm just a Blue collar dude, venting off the top, didn't check the facts, putting together many thoughts and "facts" from what I remember. But its a start! Help me in confirming these ideas into something that we can back up and then lets get a copy into the hands of every household that we can. Most all of us Californians are nature lovers, obviously to different levels and extremes, but lets love and save our own Backyard! Tight Lines ................ Rick
Hello fellow Northern Californian tree huggers, hunters, environmentalists, fishermen, bird watchers, bird hunters, power boaters, kayak lovers, jet skiers, natural food junkies, deer jerky freaks, vegans, Earth First! 4X4’ers, Greenpeace, Ducks Unlimited, Audubon members, gun lovers, gun haters pretty much any one who spends time enjoying the outdoors in their own special and maybe sometimes controversial ways, especially near or on the water in this great future state of North California?
We must just put aside our differences for the short term to focus on a very major issue that Big Southern Cities, Big business and Big Farms are keeping silenced somehow. We are in a dilemma like no other dilemma in the history of our great state, maybe even the history of the United States! Not since us western statesmen harnessed the mighty Colorado River and split up the water from her once great riparian habitat, and mighty delta, to allow the growth large farms and even larger cities of Southern California, Southern Nevada, parts of Colorado and Arizona. At that time we completely annihilated the whole delta region of that river, we pumped all the water to other states, other watersheds so that the water doesn’t even flow into Mexico or the Gulf of California anymore except maybe a trickle of treated sewage water and pesticide and chemically laced run-off from some of the local farms. This is where we need to band together! Southern Californian cities and the colossal agribusiness farms in the San Joaquin, Imperial and other farming areas in the south, have completely used up all of their water along with the claimed California portion of the water from the Colorado River water agreement we had with those other states. For many, many years now, they have gradually taken more and more water from the San Joaquin River so that it often dries up before reaching the delta and the San Francisco Bay. Then for additional water they pump so much ground water from the wells so that in areas of the valley the land is actually sinking, in other areas so much water is being pumped from the ground that when there is rain, the contaminated surface runoff water peculates to fast into the water table not allowing for the natural filtering and purifying process to take place and thus poisoning the ground water. This desert, turned into fields, that they are farming, when the irrigation water runs off the fields they contain very high levels of selenium and other very toxic mineral/chemical cocktails that leach out and cannot be left in the fields, so they are collected into large holding pits, which if you remember when it hit the national media a few years back, caused an epidemic of bird deaths and deformations. These pits are still there, they now have nets over them and other protective ways to try and keep any living things out. They now continue to get variances to discreetly dump these poisons a little at a time but still above any recommended levels, back into the delta, obviously downstream from the pumps.
Now for the frightening part and what we all must be immediately concerned with, they have also been pulling more and more water from the Sacramento River watershed and in the last few years are escalating this total take beyond what the delta can function with, so this river and the delta are getting destroyed also. Gradually the average yearly water temperature in this watershed is getting warmer, causing problems with certain organisms and helping others, gradually the average flows into the San Francisco Bay are decreasing, gradually the water that remains flowing into the San Francisco Bay are laced with a higher level of destructive elements including minerals, chemicals, ammonia and other issues that are mostly caused by the decreased river flows and increased flows from treated sewage from the increase in population. Normally the high flows down the river seasonally “flushes” these poisons out to the San Francisco Bay and ocean, then the rest of the year a certain minimal flow keeps temperature and toxic levels at a tolerable place for the fish and other creatures I can’t stress enough the importance of these periodic life saving and habitat “flushes”! Vitally critical to all the various living creatures in the system, there will be a time when a day or two of missed temperatures or flows will cause catastrophic destruction of a major portion or possibly an entire species. This is what we are starting to see with the various species of Salmon native to this valley eco system, along with many others including the delta smelt, are in very grave trouble. With the San Joaquin River flows virtually non existent in this process of “flushing” the whole delta is depending on the Sacramento River to accomplish this. We cannot continue to allow the increased theft and pilfering of more and more water from the Sacramento River and delta. From what I’ve read, last year there was almost 7,000,000 acre feet of water diverted from the Delta and Northern rivers to points south of the delta, including those farmers in the southern valleys and southern cities. That is more than 7 Folsom Lakes completely filled to the brim and emptied of every last drop. Without this “flushing” the whole delta and then bays will continue to die! Think about it, with more and more of the fresh water getting pumped out, even with the same amount of toxins getting into the river and delta the percent or parts per million will gradually increase to thresholds that certain organisms cannot tolerate! We must band together now and demand that this greatest, grandest and definitely largest marine estuary on the entire west coast of both North and South Americas be saved. We all spend so much time and effort to save the whales, save the seals, save the rainforests, the elk etc, how about our own backyard? Help! We need to plead! Beg! Maybe its time to elect a completely new group to occupy that state capitol building in Sacramento, with a goal of saving our home! Maybe now is the time, as our earlier California residents have proposed more than once, to create a separate state of “North California”. With the first article of incorporation to be that we will never send a drop of water out of our “new” state! This is just way to important to roll over and let our backyard get poisoned and die! Lets work as one we must stick together!

07-07-2010, 10:22 AM
This is one of the best posts I've read (paragraphs would have been nice, lol) on this tragedy happening before our very eyes. Thanks for your efforts on enlightening the masses on whats really going on out there.

12-28-2010, 03:15 PM
It get's worse! now they have their eyes on the Columbia, give the book "Cadillac Desert" a read.

01-02-2011, 12:54 PM
It get's worse! now they have their eyes on the Columbia, give the book "Cadillac Desert" a read.

Yep, you have Westlands Water sponsoring the delta drainage ditch and trying to raise Shasta Dam from 20 to 200 feet, depending on who you ask...the west side farmers are selling their water to cities for huge profits and probably taking assistance from the govt as well...

On top of that, there are pretty compelling arguments that the ocean fisheries, if they continue to be raped as they are today, will COLLAPSE AS A FOOD CHAIN IN ABOUT 50 YEARS. Wanna see a war? Let the world's population get hungry. The oceans' collapse will mark the end of life as we know it. Period.

11-06-2011, 08:44 PM
Well all!
Do you think anything I brought up here has to do with this "new" problem and the proposed Striper ahnilation plan that DF&G is holding a meeting on in Rio Vista Nov 8, ????? I think we are in trouble! Maybe beyond trouble!