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07-15-2010, 02:28 PM
took the boys camping from 7/12 pm to 7/15 am.We fished caples from the bank and a canoe hard on monday pm and tue all day and only caught a few.Things changed for us on wed pm.MY son and i took the canoe out and got on a little bite trolling 1/4 oz gold castmasterswe caught 3 and went into to dinner after dinner all the boys wanted to go to the spillway so i decided to go in the canoe alone to fine tune what we found.I caught 3 more in an hour or so paddling around.So we finally had a plan for the next morning and the four of us took turns with the canoes and we caught 9 trout by 1100 and packed it up and went back down the hill.It was a fun trip with the boys wish we would of figured out the pattern earlier but we are a bunch of newbies that have only trout fished a few times.I have learned alot from this board and i would like to thank the people that do post their results i know it has helped me when i can get out>I would also like to ask for a little advice we are planning another visit for the first week in august and was wondering if you would still be able to catch the trout up swallow or do they go deep by then and need dowriggers to troll i only have the canoe and can only topline thanks larry

07-16-2010, 08:25 AM
By August the lake should be down a little for sure. Bugs will be on the decline as well as small fry food sources. Chances increase as the summer winds down, most gorge themselves to survive the harsh winter, those that don't become food for the Mack's. The saga continues......Jetspray

07-16-2010, 12:58 PM
thanks for the reply but i dont really understand does that mean the fish will be to deep and u will need downriggers thanks larry

07-16-2010, 02:58 PM
Caples is not a very deep lake, if you troll in the first 20 ft when over 50 ft of water you should be able to dig up something within 100 ft from shore. The problem with caples is the amount of rock jetties, stumps, and boulders along the shoreline. Sometimes sit fishing is the key around the inlets to the lake......Jetspray