View Full Version : 3 bucks taken at and around Goat Mountain

08-16-2010, 05:44 PM
Was there on Sat. at goat mountain. My uncle old buddy from high school was there also that had shot a 2 x2... HEard it was a 2x2, 4x4,a nd 4x5 was taken on sat. But Sunday was quiet. Saw one that is 2x2 but didn't want to take him so I let him grow bigger... It was a zoo on sat.

08-25-2010, 05:28 PM
Here is a short video of the area I hunted...


While I was there. I heard like a mountain lion rawr!!!! Ran back to my gun but never heard it again... Well mountain lion are rarely attack human. But in 2006. There was a couple went hunting near sonora area, D6 zone, Tolu.? county.. The husband went deer hunting. The mother went squirrel and deer hunting with two gun. The mother was watching a pond for deer or squirrel that may drink it. While she was waiting, she heard a foot step coming toward the pond. As it came closer to the pond the mother saw it was a mountain lion and she try to spook it thought that it would run off but unfortunately the lion saw her and didn't command as she thought, and the lion charge toward her. As she got her gun ready on time she fire one shot, nailing the lion. The lion died instantly and lion nearly shed a meat out of her while landing on her shoulder. Close call. Friend went there to hunt and never see anything unusual of attack like that after she nail the mountain lion. Guess the lion got pissed or hungry. But D6 area are known to have lots of mountain lion and only known area to taunt human, but never attack like the 2006 incident. :arabs04hl4jk: