View Full Version : In need of collins info

09-02-2010, 08:20 AM
Going to collins lake this weekend. Wondering if anybody has been out there recently. Have not been there in several months. Last time I was there the hot trolling lures were Fire tiger castmaster, flashers with crawler and orange puff ball on the end, and needle fish in threadfin shad and cop car. Anything changed???? Any depth I should troll at this time of year??? I have only been there twice but had a blast. 10lber the first trip. May be doing some bank fishing as well so power bait color would help to. Thanks in advance for any help..

09-02-2010, 10:04 AM

I was at Collins last Sunday. Most of the fish I found were on the East side of the lake near the island. About 25 to 35 feet down. I was using Seps with a crawler. Got three good hits and one fish 17" in about two hours. The weather was odd with clouds and some high smoke from the fire a Bullards Bar. As for power bait chartresue as always the best. At different times and different light and water level I have caught fish on different colors but chartresue is always my go to color.

Good luck.