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09-05-2010, 11:36 PM
Hello All. We celebrated our wedding anniversary and my wifes birthday by missing a long time planned charter reservation on the 4th with the charter that starts with a "S" and ends with "aros".
I was pissed! Never fished with these guys and to say the least they didnt give the honey the directions correctly, which left us skunked! Let me tell you, they were trully awful with her on the phone, both the day before checking reservations (couldnt get anyone on the phone) and the day of getting directions.
So we hightailed it to santa cruz wharf and made it there at about 6:30 am. I should have just made it there to begin with. The guy there although gave us no hope at first of getting a boat, made it clear some reservations had'nt showed so we waited till 7:00am along with another few guys that wanted to be on the water.
I have to say that although the gentleman at the counter was not giving us any hint of hope, at 7:00am the rental agreements were in our hands and those waiting got on the water.
Just as soon as we made onto the water after returning with licenses, to think we were going to buy them from the chater, HA!, our boat took a crap on us. After a few repairs and some water balancing the same gentleman put us on our way.

We made it out about half a mile and the motor took a crap on us again. I set up the wife and son to fishing as i try to start the motor, with no luck. a few minutes later as harbor patrol was coming around, the wife says signal him to take us back, the motor starts and we're off and running again! We stalled out more than we fished! Believe me I am so sore from trying to get that outboard started almost every stop!

So here's my fishing report for Saturday the 4th of September 2010.
Water was glassy and calm. I caught 1 blacky small tossed back to grow up, and 1 keeper olive.
The wife gets a big fat "0" for the day, but, was so excited for my son.
The son. 1 small vermillion and then a fatty greenling and then the big fatty vermillion that made both mom and especially dad very proud for him.

So, we went from skunked to skiffed in a day! Aint that awesome? And you know what Y'all? I would have changed it at ALL! To see my son with his eyes bright and wide with excitement, it was worth it all. Sore back, legs, arms.
And hunny, if you read this cuzz i know you will, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND I LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks to everyone at Santa Cruz Boat Rentals. You guys are the best!!

Fishsniffer... Thanks for all the info and support! Sorry for the mis spelling.