View Full Version : 9/6/2010 - point sur with the catalico family

09-08-2010, 03:29 PM
9/6/2010 - point sur with the catalico family

i've met some tough kids before, but never any as tough as these. that toughness extends to the entire family. you'll see what i mean.

marbel catalico is a pharmacist like me. he actually graduated from UCSF a few years after i did, he lives down the street, his kids are spread out a little more in age than mine, and they even go to the same schools. i've been wanting to get them out fishing this entire summer, but our schedules just did not mesh until this last monday. all during the weekend, there were brisk winds and moderate to heavy seas. the forecast was favorable. monday the winds were supposed to drop off to nothing. figuring the seas would follow, i decided to take a shot at point sur again and get marbel and his family out on the water. note to self - it's better to fish the day before a storm than the day after.

4am. all prepped and ready to go.


the entire family came by the house the night before and was fitted with boots, foul weather gear and pfd's. we got to the monterey launch ramp, got everyone geared up, got the boat into the water and we were underway in no time. meet marbel, davis, julia, helena and jason.


a thick blanket of fog had settled down just outside the harbor. thank goodness for radar. i had jason stand watch to port and davis to starboard. marbel found a comfortable seat and enjoyed the ride. this was the last time he smiled until the end of the day.


we rounded the point and the winds were down, but the seas were still up. not a good sign.


we got down to point sur easily because the chop was at our backs. when we arrived and started fishing, we still had big swells to deal with, and my crew was starting to turn green.


ok, so we were a bit short on smiles, but the kids never once complained. i think they were so stoned on dramamine that it was all they could do to just keep their eyes open.


tough crew, though. they quickly fell into a routine. catch one, hurl one, catch one, hurl two....


catch one, hurl three or four.....


catch a big one!


as predicted, it finally started laying down.


ok, now we can get everyone to smile!


final count, two lingcods, three vermillions, and 30 assorted rockfish. undoubtedly, the kids were on facebook all night. i can just imagine the conversations. "like, dude, i never puked so much in all my life!"

09-08-2010, 07:36 PM
Nice looking fish!!

09-09-2010, 06:34 PM
Great post an sweet pics,ya a tough family to deal with the swells but the fishin didn't look to bad,nice catch for the day,an it all ended with smiles by all,even though they look about 2lbs lighter;).....Don