View Full Version : Pic Posting, Easy Step By Step!

12-02-2007, 03:44 PM
In order to post pictures they must first be hosted. *You cannot post pictures directly from your computer to this site without a host. *There are many free host companies but we will use Imageshack for an easy free start up. *Go to www.imageshack.us and register. *Now that you have an account that is accessible in your E-mail, open it up. *You will see the option of uploading. *Click upload images. Check the box that says upload file, resize image 320 x 240, and remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail. *Hit Browse, and locate the file that your pictures are in. *Select the picture you wish to post and hit open. *Then select “host it.” *Select “my images,” and you will see the picture you wish to post. To the right of that picture will be Embeddable Code. *Highlight the code next to the word “forum.” *Copy the highlighted code by right clicking your mouse and selecting copy. Go to your post and paste. *Congratulations, your post now has pictures.

Note: If you have Imageshack open in one tab and the Sniffer open in a second tab you will have an easier time of posting multiple pics.

Note: Please be advised that posted images wider than 450 pixels are being cropped by the forum software. *So if you want the viewers to see the right side of your picture, please don't post images that are any wider than that. *Reduce standard digital camera images to 450 X 338 pixels. *
Here is a down-loadable tool that will resize a single picture. Click on the resize option before downloading your picture to Imageshack. You can have it resize an entire folder of pics as well:
http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm *