View Full Version : Looking for a stream to fish and camp next to off the beaten path

09-10-2010, 12:29 PM
I'm coming from Concord, CA..would be nice to find a dirt road that leads to a stream where trout or other fish are, that I could setup camp and fish. I went all the way up to Hammerhorn Lake near Willits for a night and that was a 4 hour drive, took too long and wasted time when I could have been fishing. Would be nice to find something closer. Say from where hwy 5 is near Lodi and somewhere towards there? Any suggestions?

09-10-2010, 05:47 PM
Well you can go to one my favorite spots, Boards crossing. It's off hwy 4 in Dorrington. That near Arnold.

You turn left on Boards crossing road off 4. Follow the signs through the residential area. This will take you all the way to the Stanislaus river. Continue past Sourgrass campground up the hill. Continue for about 2 miles. Go past the day use area, about 500 ft or so is another road on the left. It's paved for about 100ft. then turns into a dirt road going down. Follow this all the way down. You'll come to a fork, go to the left. you'll know you're going the right direction when you see a few houses. right after this it opens up to a bunch of camp sites. Last week it was pretty empty, even though it was labor day weekend.

the only draw back is you can't have a fire, due to the high fire danger. Trust me when I say, Don't light one unless you can pay the $350 fine. They check twice a day. also there is no running water or toilet, so bring extra water and a shovel.

I caught plenty of fish in the river. I used a typical sliding sinker set-up with a lite weight and either salmon eggs or power eggs. They loved red and pink. They place I fished was about 100 yards past the bridge. From the campsites you walk past the houses. Right after the last house you go through the fence and the trees down to the big rock. I cast out into the current and let it float and settle in the calm 50 ft down river. Watch out, it's not called snagisluas for nothing.

Besides the few minor drawbacks, it's a great place be. I hope this info helps. Good luck and tight lines. Oh, by the way it's free to camp. so that makes up for the drawbacks.

09-13-2010, 03:51 PM
Ended up driving up 108 on Sonora Pass and camped out at Deadman, not too much fishing going on at Deadman but found a deep pool with at least 30 trout! after some time searching along the pass!! I'm def all about Stanislaus now, stream fishing is what I've wanted to do for soo long and I finaly go to! But I'd like to stay for 3 days or more next time because one day of fishing doesn't cut it for me, I'm hooked!!!