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Trout Tracker
09-25-2010, 10:22 PM
I haven't had a line in the water in a while and decided to take a road trip to Oxbow and check it out.I got thier about 7:00 fished till 9:50 for no fish.All i had was power bait cause my close to work bait shop was closed and i couldnt get any crawlers.
I did see fish jumping and a fish head in the water so i know that fish are thier.
Plus thier is a gravel,dirt boat launch that looks perfect for a small boat.I just dont think my Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive would be able to tow it out.Looks like a perfect place for trolling.
Decided to go on up the hill past the power plant to poke around and check things out.I did run on to a few guys deer hunting,i guess today is opening day of gun season.
Also found some good places to take the quad and just ride and check things out.Sorta a bummer to not catch any fish.
I still had a great day just getting out.