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10-04-2010, 04:45 PM
My buddy and I went to go and shoot some trap at some BLM (bureau of land management) property we go to. There were signs posted everywhere that “discharging of firearms is temporarily prohibited”. This was a total shock; I had never seen this before. We called the BLM office to find out what was going on; they said that some neighbors had complained, and that use of the land for hunting and shooting might go away forever because of this. The property is 695 acres set back behind the Folsom lake area off the end of deer valley road. Every property around there is huge and this complaint from a few of the neighbors is ridiculous.
Hunting and target shooting on BLM land is perfectly legal. It’s great land for us to take our kids and buddies who enjoy the things we do. So why I am telling you? As a fellow hunter and outdoorsman I need your help. I think this spot should be kept as it is, legal to hunt and shoot. However, because some neighbors complain who live miles away makes me angry. They have no right to dictate the use of that land. This is a great spot to hunt turkey, deer and go target shooting. It’s secluded in the foothills, miles from anything. It’s close and free to the public yet not many people know about it.
There is a public meeting scheduled for this Thursday. It’s short notice I know, but I just found out about it myself. At the meeting the public will be able to talk with those at the BLM in an open forum and discuss the use of the land. I encourage you to go if possible. If you can’t, please take a minuet and send an email to the BLM or call the office and let them know you want this land to remain open to hunters. Hunters have rights too! This land is for everyone to use, and we as tax payers bought this land for this purpose. Here is all the contact info for the meeting and the BLM. Please tell all those you know who have an interest in the outdoors to support this!


Date: October 7, 2010
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Rescue Union School District Board Room, (behind Green Valley Elementary School)
Address: 2380 Bass Lake Road, Rescue, CA Contact: Lauren Fety, 916-941-3133 or David Christy, 916-941-3146

Bureau of Land Management
California State Office (http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en.html)
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Sacramento, CA 95825-1886
Phone: (916) 978-4400
Fax: (916) 978-4416


Bureau of Land Management
Mother Lode Field Office
(http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/folsom.html)5152 Hillsdale Circle
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Phone: (916) 941-3101
Fax: (916) 941-3199

http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/folsom.html (http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/folsom.html)

Get Bent MARK
10-06-2010, 04:54 AM
Thanks for the head up on this issue. Since this is close to my backyard it is a very sore subject. I'm going to call BLM and get some more info. on this matter just so I'm perfectly informed on the issues.
Just so I'm clear, this is BLM land and has been for some time now?? So a few neighbors/land owners complain to the BLM and they get an area closed down?? That is not a good sign of things to come for all hunters and outdoorsmen/women. BLM land belongs to everybody and if anyone does not like shooting, hunting on BLM land, THEN DON'T BUY LAND LOCATED CLOSE TO BLM PROPERTY. Do they move or close down airports when a developer builds next to airport, people buy the homes but then decide they don't like the noise?? I think not!!! Unless the complaint has any merit such as damage that can be proven by target shooting or hunting the BLM has NO right to close down an area that for years has been open for such use. What's next, someone complains about shooting & hunting on forest land and the forest service closes ALL hunting?? Don't laugh, it appears that can happen. This is happening a lot more than most think.
In ALT (Cool) some of the home owners/morons want to close down all the BLM property that is located next to ALT property to all hunting. They only want it for horse trails and hikers. I've had a few "loud" conversations with some of these people who wish to harrass me and my partners when we are out doing everything by the letter of the law while hunting. I remind them of HUNTER HARRASSSMENT LAWS and I also tell them that for 11 months out of the year they have the trails and land to themselves and we only get 1 month to do what we enjoy to do. What's the problem?? They claim they don't like seeing dead animals or their gut piles left in the trail. I've never seen a gut pile in the trail left there by the actions of a hunter. Maybe I don't like having to step around horse crap left in trail. Can I complain and close down an area to that certain activity??
These are the same IDIOTS who continue to feed the deer in their front yards (illegal) and then complain when a lion,fox or bear shows up and eats their pet. Don't call me to come fix your problem, again!! That's unless that big 4X4 that has been corn fed for about 3 years needs to be culled out of the herd!! That's how I roll. Leave the lions & bears alone and go right to the root of the problem. Remove the food, you most likely remove the preditors. I advise ALL who can to go to the meeting if you can and voice your opinion. It's your land and your right to speak up!! I certainly will.
Off my soap box, for now!!


10-06-2010, 05:18 PM
you are the man. i agree with everything you said. thanks for the reply. everyone i've told about this is on board, and is glad that it's being brought up. us hunters have rights too! try and make the meeting and get everyone you know who is like us to contact the BLM. the Kanaka valley (the name of the spot) should totally stay open! thanks again.

10-14-2010, 02:49 PM
Here is a story in The Bee. It sounds like this is a long process with the meeting, although important to attend, only part of that process that will allow public comment.

BLM forbids discharge of guns in Kanaka Valley - Folsom/El Dorado News - sacbee.com (http://www.sacbee.com/2010/09/26/3057190/blm-forbids-discharge-of-guns.html)
I tried to send an email to that address on their site and my server didn't recognize it so...

While wishing you the best toward your objective the two problems you are facing are rich people "clout" and a relatively small area. 695 acres is about 1.07 sq. miles and the BLM is going to look at the proximity to occupied dwellings or land. I am not up on Calif. laws any more but where I am in Nevada you cannot discharge a firearm within 3000ft. of a occupied dwelling and that is over 1/2 a mile which is quite a distance when talking only 695 acres. I can't believe Calif. law is not at least that distance. I used to hunt that area in the late 40's and 50's prior to Folsom Dam being built and remember it well. It seems Calif. hunters and shooters are being encraoched on as bad as the wildlife with all the people moving to the rural areas and then demanding city type laws. Good luck in keeping it open.

10-15-2010, 08:16 AM
Man I agree with you guys. Some people act like they own BLM property just cause they own some land next to them. I was on BLM property near Cache Creek hunting the last week of A1 and I came across another hunter on an ATV (which the BLM rules for that property clearly say no motorvehicle access, inculding ATV's) who rudely told me I was on private property. I took a look at my GPS and the BLM maps I ordered and I was a mile and a half from the nearest border. I took another look at him and told him, "Go ahead and call the sherrif, your not supposed to be out here on an ATV!" Dude got P-O'ed! Cussed me out with some "derogatory" remarks and then got on his cell. I didn't want to escalate the situation being we were two armed men, so I continued hiking on with my hunt ignoring that guy. After the encounter, I didn't feel comfortable, I had my safety off the whole time until I got back to my truck at the end of the day. Never saw him again nor did the sherrif show up.
It sucks when people try to keep you out of what belongs to all of us! Thanks for sharing this, and the BLM info. I can't make it to the meeting but I'll send an e-mail. You got my support.

10-18-2010, 08:42 AM
yeah that has been happening for years, and the residents that surround that area will be there, and will be exagerating there horror stories of how the hunters are destroying the land, leaving trash, and bullets flying by there houses. about 20 -30 years ago there was this little marsh 10 minutes from my house. it was a waterfowl goldmine. it was a small area also blm land. so my friend and I would hunt the back of it, furthest away from the road. one year some guy shows up and builds a blind right in the middle of it. we told the guy it was bad idea because it was to close to the road, and that he could hunt the back with us anytime. apparently he didnt want to walk the extra 200 yards. three weeks later we show up , signs posted everywhere. we talked to the dfg guy that would check on us regularly. he said the business on the road said they were getting peppered by this guy in the middle blind. That was the end of that spot. I always wonder if that guy ever cared or relized he was responsible for loosing that spot for all of us. so good luck at the meeting, and dont forget to mention how you dont like to be threatened by the homeowners while hunting the land we taxpayers paid for, or how your vehicles were vandalized while being parked there. its going to be tough to win this one. especially when the homeowners will probably be the ones sitting on the board that your trying to reason with. the same people who zoned that cheap land for them to buy and zoned to build on. it has been happening for years.