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10-12-2010, 01:23 PM
hey guys long time gun owner here, but never actually been hunting. recently ive gotten a little more interested in hunting -wild pig specifically- but i have never done it, have no freinds that have done it so at this point i am flyin blind. gonna do the hunter education course sometime by the end of the year if i can get time.

where can i find this kind of info, any hunting guidebook or online info? like what kind of terrain, where they normally hide out, what kinda food they forage for, etc.

what sparked my interest is i came across a wild piglet when i was riding my mtn bike in the hills near my house. i figure if there is a baby big, then there has gotta be a momma poppa and probly a few brothers and sisters somewhere. hunting is not allowed there so i figure it would be a good place to practice tracking them and at least be able to spot one and get kinda close to it


10-13-2010, 03:30 AM
OK here's what i know... Pigs need water to survive, not just one small source somewhere but a decent amount for there to be a huntable population of pigs.Now this doesn''t mean standing water. It could be really moist landscape. Pigs are smart they no if they have to dig a short depth in the ground to get to water they will. This brings up my next point, pigs waller, what does that mean you might ask... They dig a mud pit and bathe in it. When they exit the pit the mud dries and provides a barrier between there skin and insects. So this is something that is important to find because pigs will use this daily. Also they are going to have trails beaten through thick low shrubs which will be hell to get in and out of for you but the pigs will fly through this stuff. These trails most likely will lead you to there feeding grounds(often time there will be more than one) and there "dens"(in other words where they hang out during naptime during the day.) I have read alot about it but only have some experience with it and can already tell you that every different population of pigs are uniuqe in thier own way. I'd love to hear input from others as well, thanks. Bill

10-13-2010, 08:10 AM
there is a creek that has a tiny bit of water flowin through there - just enough to make it a little muddy. would a good tactic be to hike along the length of the creek and look for spots where they have been rollin around in it?

what do they eat anyway?

10-14-2010, 05:14 AM
I would definately use the creek tactic, thier diet ranges greatly. But you can get a better idea of what they are eating from the surroundings. If you have an abundance of acorns, that may very well be there main diet, but not all year because of the availability. When food supplies dwindle away in the mid to late summer(or if you have had a really wet winter with alot of rain in you area) out to mid to late fall, this is when your going to see alot of rutting. This is where they use there snouts to dig into the most moist ground they can to find roots, bugs, ect. basically anything that provides nutrients. Pigs are like garbage disposals, they will eat just about anything. For more information(and from an individual much more qualified on the subject than I) look for a book labeled "Pig Hunting in California." It is a great read with chapters dedicated to tracking, different tactics to hunting pigs, area's with large populations of pigs, and field dressing and dinner preperation techniuqes. I read it a couple years ago, and not being someone who sits down with a book as a hobby, it was suprisingly easy to read. I recommend it to anyone who plans on pig hunting in the future. Yah, so it's outdated, but, I would have been lost w/out it my first couple times out. Hope this helps you out and good luck bringing home dinner(if you feel it necessary to thank me wild pig/beef sausage mix is awesome) , Bill

10-14-2010, 01:25 PM
thanks bill i will look around for that book. take care