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11-21-2010, 07:29 PM
So we finally recieved some good weather.. Could of used more snow.. CreationChris how much did you get up there this weekend?? Sat. was a crap shoot. All week long I watched the ducks and few geese pour into a fllooded part of one field that still has running water in a corner.. With night temps cold here we have had a thin layer of ice on all puddles and mini ponds in the fields that I have flooded. So this spot that I just mentioned was the place for a Waterfowl Porn shoot.. With the forecast saying it was going to be snow and watching all the birds at play all week long. Hole in one!!! Thats what I thought.. Spent a couple of hours setting up.. Knowing what to expect, this was going to be fast and quick. Did I pick the wrong place. Over night they changed their flight and eating habits.. Three minutes till Shooting time, four show right up and lock and land.. Five minutes after that and I have a couple of widows and two nice GreenHeads on Snow.. That was all I saw all day long
So for spending the time I did out on Sat. I wasn't impressed at all.. All Day Sat. I watched them pound the Feild up top where the Hot springs are.. Not truely hot springs but springs that come out of the ground puddling up luke warm water that ends up puddling pretty nice if we end up with good snow pack each year.. I think you call them artetion wells.. Correct me if I'm wrong.. So I decided that if it actually snows that I will go there on Sunday. I try to save this spot for late season when everything freezes because of all the food that grows in this spot.. But with being delt a crap shoot on Sat. I needed to get some love. Wake up this morning to find that there is an ok amount of snow on the valley floor. So off I go to try and get some love in my special spot.. Sure was nice setting up decoys in warm water!! What a pain in the butt keeping the snow off the decoys.. Most of the duck decoys stayed snow free due to the warm water, but the goose decoys were a pain!! Right at shooting time I was delt with two pair of Mallards.. Forty five seconds later, yet another set of widows flying together.. Ten minutes shortly after that I was delt a small flock of Gadwall. Two seconds later...two Gaddies for the bag.. Five left and on their way out!! Six minutes later, five came back and three left!! Two more gaddies for the bag!! About an hour later with snow covered goose decoys, in came a nice flock of twelve honkers.. Locked..four on the ground..six with landing gear out.. I pillow cased the two with cupped wings, and woofed the third shot as I watched the other ten fly away!! The woof was a loud one..as it echoed off the mountains the cows began to below!!! Figured that was enough for me, I got my love with a total of six ducks and two geese for the day I headed home!!!

11-22-2010, 08:47 PM
Great report MacDaddy. Never hunted in the snow....Too busy taking mosquito spray to the refuge around here. Gotta love the sight of geese coming in with the landing gear down.


11-23-2010, 06:56 AM
that's a nice strap there mac thanks for the pics

11-28-2010, 05:07 PM
Good job Macdaddy.. warm water hunt!!! We call that THERAPEUTIC... did they maple leaf on ya??? That part of the hunt is my favorite. Cupped wings are bad and all but nothing like a set of honkers flip'n and a flop'n before they drop the gear!!! Thanks forthe pics..

I checked the pond this morning and we had 7 honkers, 12 mallards and 3 ring bill..Don't know if they are roost'n there but soon as chores are done... It's jerky time.