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Captain Compassion
12-01-2010, 06:19 PM
With all the snow, cold and holiday haven't fished in two weeks. Where to go. Red or Caples? Forgetaboutit. ICR? Perhaps with a week of warmer weather. Topaz? Not for another month. Pyramid shore is about the only option now. The weather report said light winds and occasional sun. For once they were right. Arrived at Block House at 0645 to light SE winds and temps in the upper 20s. Caught one Cutt early on and was joined by Okie at 0945. We both caught one trout each after this. Around noon Bill said he would like to show me another spot. We took an unmarked road somewhere between Block House and Popcorn. Guess I'll call it Okie Beach. We fished here for an hour or so and each got another fish. Thanks for fishing with me Bill. Thanks for showing me a new spot to fish. One of the prettiest days I can remember on Pyramid shore.

CLICK HERE (http://www.graywave.org/sniffer/120110-50.jpg) for First December Sunrise.


Morning Glory

First Cutt

Crazy Clouds

Okie Arrives

Beautiful Day

Another Cutt

One for Bill

Best Cutt

Bill in Action

Making a Fuss

Another for Bill

Okie Beach

12-01-2010, 07:35 PM
thanks for letting me know you would be there rich, as always, it was a pleasure fishing with you. at the last spt we fished, there were 5 other guys there fishing, they kept looking at us and wondering why we were catching and they wasn't. jetsprays lure
did the trick today.
the weather was a bit chilly but beautiful, thanks again rich.
be safe

12-01-2010, 07:54 PM
okie good to see you out and about catching some rays and some fish...back in 96 i camped there for a week and fished every day great time caught alot of fish...sad to See at that time the hatchery was in bad shape and just junked whoever was in charge of that should be ashamed...weird seeing guys sitting on ladders out in the water but certainly made sense. Question, i cant remember the name of the Little bar and grill but there where monster cutthroat trout the size of big salmon on the wall...pictures going way back to some of the great actors of the 30's 40's and 50's picture of Humphrey Bogart with a monster trout...is that place still there can you recall the name. i believe there was a little store and few hotel rooms.


12-01-2010, 08:10 PM
cj, yes its still there, its called crosby's now, dont know what it was back then. yes, it was nice to get out again. if you get a chance to come up here, if the winds aint too bad we'll take the boat out. maybe you and lineside can make it up here for the spring fest in april. but if you can find the time, come on up, fishing from the bank aint that bad, unless theres a 20 or 30 mph wind from the south or east. the have small trailers to rent there now, but i think you can stay in one of the big casino/hotels cheaper. it might be a little too coldto camp out there.
be safe

12-01-2010, 08:25 PM
sounds good go on a trip...i understand you make a killer chocolate cake its not pretty what Lineside does to sweets...lol..has anyone in this day and age catch anything like they have on the walls in Crosby's...i wonder how they got so big back then but you dont see that now...could it be because it has been fished out? more pressure now or do you think somewhere in that humongous lake there are some monster trout still swimming around? one thing i can tell you when i had my boat there for that 1 week i would go over to the pyramid and my fish finder was picking up big fish extremely deep i couldn't even get to them with my down riggers i figured they were probably squaw fish anyway.


Captain Compassion
12-01-2010, 09:00 PM
Don't catch 40 pounders any more but a surprising number of fish in the 10 to 15 pound class are caught every year. It is possible that the original strain of LCT that lived in the lake in up until the early 20th century is extinct.


12-01-2010, 09:27 PM
cj, every once in awhile you see some real pigs on the ff, usually
pretty deep. i agree with cc, it has been fished too heavily until
they put the slot restrictions on. i think its good in that will keep
a good quanity of nice fish in the lake. i haven't caught a 10 lb'er
yet, and when/if i ever do, i think i'll just kiss it and let it go.
come on up and we'll see what we can do.
be safe

12-02-2010, 10:45 AM
It is possible that the original strain of LCT that lived in the lake in up until the early 20th century is extinct.

If you look into the history of the LCT, it says that the fish with the genes for largeness where all fished out, they lost a lot of their genetic diversity. So the stain is the same but they no longer have the potential to grow that big anymore.

12-02-2010, 09:03 PM
If you look into the history of the LCT, it says that the fish with the genes for largeness where all fished out, they lost a lot of their genetic diversity. So the stain is the same but they no longer have the potential to grow that big anymore.
it may sound like I'm doubting your comment so I'm not ok..but doesn't it seems odd that the fish lost their diversity but not their strain. I think Captain Compassion hit it on the head, those monster strain of fish are extinct.....being those 40 pounders were so long ago i would assume they had to be native or hybrid or both...i dont know i would have to research that...it just really blows my mind that trout could get that big. Anyone have any idea what the big fish are at the Pyramid that are so deep? If i do come back to the lake i will bring my under water camera i have the 150 foot cable.

12-02-2010, 09:48 PM
cj, i guess it could be hybrid since there are rainbows in the truckee river that runs into pyramid i think. the largest trout i've seen was in germany that was caught in the konigsee (?) near bertchesgarden (?), between munich and salzburg, austria.
it was a little over 55 lbs.
i wish you would come up and bring your camers so we could see how big they are.
be safe

12-03-2010, 08:12 AM
Nice post fellas, Okie if you have a good grip those fish will stay put so turn them over. As far as the big fish go I too have seen them on the FF at 200+ feet. Don't know why they are cruising around but probably for smaller ones or bottom feeders. They are cannibals after all:rolleyes2:.....Jetspray

Captain Compassion
12-03-2010, 10:53 AM
I'm sure there are 20+ fish in Pyramid. Try to get one. Back in the 70s the tribe experimented with stocking Cuttbows. These were real beasts. I caught a 9 1/2 pound 27 inch fish back in 73. Never have I had a fight like that. Very fat. In 1976 a near 25 pound fish was caught. These fish couldn't reproduce and weren't restocked. so they are no longer in the lake. Kinda wish they had a few left.


12-04-2010, 05:11 AM
There have to be more out there Richard and we need to get them:stomper::cheesy::worthy:......Jetspray