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12-20-2010, 09:06 PM
With all the nasty weather we are having here it has been one hell of a week. Not to mention I am a proud father of a Beautiful Baby Girl. The wife finally got her little girl.. Being that my family loves to hunt and fish.. I was released to hunt after I had both of my lovely ladies home and settled..
Now with that one brought to your attention we will continue down the Duck porno road. Being stuck in the hospital till every thing was fine except for the fact that it was the day to be slapping ducks around.. But was well worth the wait.. My daughter is healthy and so is the wife. When she is sixteen I will ask her to hunt with me since she was born on one of the best day's of duck season.. Her girlfreinds and her will probably laugh and wisper after that one.. Got to try!!!! Well Friday morning came faster then I wanted it to.. Woke up and found we had a little drizzle to start so I decided to go pumble some Geese.. To the ranch we go.. Choose the feild that had a good amount of standing water with alot of low green grass.. Two hours into the hunt not a shot pulled and Geese Decoys covered in Snow.. Third round of dusting the Decoys and still not even a Honk.. Any other Day I would have a couple of Geese downed or screwed myself goofn off playing in the decoys by now.. I let another thirty minutes slide by before the thought of packn it up crosses my mind.. Decided to leave as I open one lay down blind door I have twenty plus giant Green Heads back door me and land.. I s&i& all over myself. With Mallards feet away I pull and they come out of the Goose Decoys like Bee's!!! First shot Two Green Heads. Pull the second shot another Big Green Head.. Pull a third Shot, Hale Mary style and connect with a fourth.. Now thats four Big Green Heads... Moral of that day is that you can set up fifty plus Goose decoys and you can land the Biggest groups of Mallards that you will ever work with...
Having a day Like that was so wild it was a dream come true...
Friday night comes around and the son is feeling a little left out with the new bundle of joy that he is needing to go bang some Big Green Heads.. I agree and we rise on time Saturdy morning and get on our way.. Setting up was pretty ugly since we had high winds and stinging rain. The little man handled it pretty well. Only being blown over every other Gust!!!!! Tried not to laugh but something about a healthy wind gust and a six year old boy with decoys in hand blowing over that brought a smile to my face everytime.. Couldn"t shoot strait to save my life but still connected. Was even shooting on both ends he sure wasn't on his game either.. After two boxes of shells between the both of us we decided to call it over.. Wet from Top to Bottum we pack up and headed home with frustration hanging right there in our face...Still bangged up on the ducks but should of had two limits like white on rice..
Sunday was a hole different story I had to only give the son one shot at a time as he is still learning the difference between hens and Drakes... He was finally getting the hang of it untill the Gadwalls showed up and I was the only one that shot as he was under the impression that they were all hens cause he didn't see any Green Heads. So back to the Drawing Board with him!!!!!!!

12-21-2010, 07:54 AM
nice shootin Mac and congrats on the baby girl.

12-21-2010, 10:33 AM
Congratulation Mac-DADDY on the baby girl. :cheers: Nice job dude!! All they way around.. Fish and birds.

Merry Xmas