View Full Version : New body armor

01-07-2011, 01:15 PM
I seen it first hand this morning! Specs fresh to the Colusa area are sporting it! Effectively repels 3" BB!

Went out this morning, and waiting for daylight, about three minutes to boom time, two wood ducks come out of nowhere and flare right in my face! Literally 3' in front of my face. Fell backwards, scared the heck out of me, did not see them until they were on me. Ended up getting some shots back at their cousins later in the am. The specs were flyin low this morning, not as good as yesterday, but 30-55 yards. Shot one, and watched him glide off into the fog. Bummer. Buddy of mine shoots, goose folds up tight just like a football, and right before it hits the ground, opens his wings and flies away. One other that was teasing me got spanked, not once, not twice, but with all three shells! That was amazing watching him fly away, and across to these other guys that smoked it at point blank range over their blind. I hope they chip a tooth on all those BB's! All in all, great shoot today, pintail everywhere you look. Had to be careful not to go over limit.

Go get em boys! Oh, and all was on public land-non refuge.

01-10-2011, 07:11 AM
sounds like new birds moving down, awsome. the south valley has a good amount of birds too, and geese, seems like one of the better years in a while, or is it just me.