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Ok... sorry leading onto something I've never seen but, I think the topic would be really interesting to some of us Sniffers that are intrigued by the crazy stories that some of the other Sniffers could share about Sharks and their experiances with them. (not mud sharks.. but the predator's off the coast, that would make your heart stop) I just read a great story from "Ltzout" about a 400 lb Mako. That was a reply in a "memebop" posting about a seal getting iced, off of Salmon Creek. I thought it was very interesting and I'd like to read some more stories.

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Re: GW Shark Action in Bodega Bay Area
Reply #4 - Today at 6:29am Not a GW story but a Mako story.

We were fishing about 400 miles south-west of Cabo and hooked up with a 400 lb female mako shark. The biggest a$$ shark I have ever seen. Played her for about 2.5 hours & released her but that shark tried to bite everything that came close to it's mouth. The deck hand thought we were going to keep it so he got the gaft out and put the hook to her but she snaped it in half. Now, we have a 400lb man eater with our only gaft in it's side & one of our best lurers in it's mouth & we need both of them back. Our captain gets her on the swimplatform & raised it up to get the shark out of the water. Now the fun starts. We have an inflatable dingy mounted on the platform & the shark is wedged between it and transom & this shark is chewing on everything. The shark was only on the platform for about 5 min. but it seemed like an hour. The captain did get both gaft & lurer back without any lose of limbs or fingers.

True story

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09-07-2007, 08:37 AM
My uncle and his fishing buddy were crabbing I think near Davenport (Could be wrong). They had set out one set of crab nets then went to another location to set out another. After messing around for a while they decided to go back to the first set they let out. Upon hand pulling up one of the nets. My uncles friend says the net is stuck or snagged on something, then seconds later it was free, Then seconds later he feels a big tug on the line, They look about 100-200 yds back and see about a 12ft Great White, and it had the crab net. Well after seeing that shark, they decided to let the shark keep the crab net.

True story.

09-07-2007, 06:17 PM
My father was an officer on a minesweeper during the late 1950s. He had been "On the Water" most of his life and was very familiar with sea and its creatures. Minesweepers at the time were 172 feet long, with a 35 foot beam. They were made of wood, so as not to attract magnetic mines. For a sea going ship, they were pretty small.

After watching Jaws back in the seventies, he wasn't terribly impresseed. He had seen a Great White on the order of 35-40 feet while driving the 'sweep. I asked if it wasn't a whale shark, he said no, he had seen the teeth as it went down the length of the ship! Yes, there are big fish out there.

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fishing in the farrlones 3 years ago we were into the cod really good but to make things for fun 3 blue sharks arived ready o eat and we had to race our fish onto the boat before they got eaten..it was fun though...actually made my trip! we lost alot of fish!

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Go to this site to read about shark events off the Pacific Coast:


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Two stories of mine from Australia: *The first was we were drifting for sailfish about 20 miles offshore. *Hadn't any luck trolling. *I was staring into the calm, clear water watching for any action. *Suddenly a huge gray shape shot right under my nose about 15 feet down and I exclaimed to my buddies. *Suddenly my reel went off and then my buddies. *Thought it was a dolphin but then a huge fat mako exploded behind the boat, did a barrel roll in the air and snapped both our lines. *Was so close that the splash it made hit the boat. *Happened in a second.

The second was we were bottom fishing for grouper about 5 miles offshore in a 16 foot tinny with back engine. *Hadn't caught much but one small jack. *Hung it on a stringer in the water and in a few minutes, I saw a huge fin approaching from behind my buddy who had his back to it. *Alerted him to it and we both stood up but it had disappeared. *A few seconds later it appeared again headed straight for us. *Turned out to be a big tiger shark with a smaller one next to it, almost side swiped our boat. *Only about 3 feet shorter than the boat. *Beautiful vivid stripes. *We decided to hook it but it bit through the thick wire leader after five minutes and we never saw it again. *Absolutely could not stop it once it was hooked, even with a rod the size of Quint's in Jaws. * *

09-08-2007, 03:09 PM
Many years ago, a guy I worked with had a part-interest in a commercial fishing boat operation out of Half Moon Bay. *He always had a lot of great white stories, *how they would accidentally get caught in the nets, etc. The guy was a big B--S----er, *so I never really believed his stories. *One day at work, he says, "Got a minute? *I have something in my truck I want to show you." *He takes me to his truck, *and there's a tarp over something pyramid-shaped in the back. *He pulls the tarp off, *and there is a huge great white shark head! *The head was about 3 feet high. I could not put my arms around it, *and I could have easily put my head in the mouth without touching the teeth. He smiled and said, "This is a small one." After that, *I believed his stories. :o

09-08-2007, 04:02 PM
Man, this is some great stuff... Keep 'em coming.

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:o This incident happened to a "fishing buddy" of mine that was, and still is, a big ab diver. Alan was diving over his "honey hole" in the New Years Island area when he observed a great white take a seal not over 100 yds from where he was diving. Needles to say he exited the water post hast, and hasn't dove that area since. The Northern CA coast from just south of Montrerey to Fort Brag has the highest rate of great white attacks in the world. Scary thought for you surfers and ab divers!!

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Then there's the surfer who was recently attacked at Marina State Beach.....

This topic reminds me of when I used to see people getting all excited along shore because they saw fins slicing through the water. Somebody would say, "Don't worry, it's just porpoises!" That was true, but following right along were sharks, grabbing the leftovers of fish the porpoises had been feeding on.

09-08-2007, 10:24 PM
Is it legal to catch and keep whites in CA waters?

09-08-2007, 11:27 PM
Heck no, you'll probably spend a few years in prison if you do. The GW is on the endangered species list.

09-09-2007, 11:46 AM
i've been surfing from monterey to ocean beach for the past 15 years and i've never seen a shark. shoot, i didn't even really knew we had leopard sharks out here until i came onto this board just a couple years ago. wonder if i've ever stepped on any.

i read an interesting article that stated more people die from falling into holes in sand on the beach each year than from shark bites. people dig large holes in the sand to build sand castles or whatever, then they or someone else falls into it and the walls come down onto them. they get trapped, can't get out, and suffocate.

so be careful when you're walking down the beach!

09-09-2007, 04:02 PM
Five years ago fishing off ten mile for salmon with Mike Lynch and Tony Cahn we were working the beach area close to Point Reyes when my rod went off. Nice fish putting up a gound fight when Tony yells better hurry and get that fish to the boat. I asked why and he pointed off to the right and a large fin and tail was headed right for my fish.We thought it to be a Great White, but not sure. Line started stripping off my real as the samon had been introduced to the shark on a personal level and the next thing I know is I,m reeling in less than half a fish. Three other boats got there fish also hit that day. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. So yes they are out there.

09-09-2007, 04:16 PM
Yeah, they must be learning, just like the sea lions, that boats mean free dinner. Besides all the huge schools of PESKY spiny dogfish I often run into in Monterey Bay, I lost a bunch of sand dabs to a pretty good-sized white-tipped shark, fairly close to shore. I was told that species of shark wasn't supposed to be in the Monterey Bay area, but I am positive that's what it was, because I have seen them before in exhibits.

Anyway, what do fish know about science ... seems to me they make their own rules.

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"Is it legal to catch and keep whites in CA waters? "- trout terminator

hahaha , i like your style man...movin on up from trout to white sharks!