View Full Version : 4-3-11 Fleet Stripers/sturgeon

04-05-2011, 05:56 PM
Launched out of pittsburg at 7am and headed straight to my gps spots in fleet to find 3 other boats in the same area that I have saved in my gps. Oh well lets see if we can mark anything....Marked a few good fish in the area. Anchored in the same area as everyone else with a respectable distance. On outgoing tide my rod starts to do its wiggle pick it up swing for the fence and fish on....OOPS fish off. I guess the hook set was lousy. Waited for the tide to turn and did a little more scanning to find more fish in 25ft of water. set the pick and started getting striper bites left and right. Before you know it WHAM fish on. 17lb striper. Released as usual. tide started to slow down and WHAM fish on 46" on the nose. released as usual. Good day of fishing. Seen other boats in the area hook up not only with sturg. but a lot of stripers.