View Full Version : Lost Sturgeon Card?

04-14-2011, 12:06 PM
hey a buddy of mine lost his sturgeon card? how can he get a replacement?

Marty Gingras
04-14-2011, 06:13 PM
From the regulations (section 1.74):

(d) Replacement Procedures for Lost Abalone or Sturgeon Report Cards. For species for which an individual may purchase only one report card per year (i.e., abalone and sturgeon), if the cardholder loses the card, a replacement card shall be acquired only by following the procedures below:

(1) The individual shall provide all of the following to a department license sales office:

(A) A photocopy of the original report card issued in the cardholder’s name, unless the report card was issued through the Automated License Data System.

(B) An affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, containing the following information:
1. A statement confirming that the originally issued report card cannot be recovered.
2. A statement of the cardholder’s best recollection of the prior catch records that were entered on the report card that was lost, including the number of tags utilized.
3. A statement describing the factual circumstances surrounding the loss of the card.

(C) Proof of purchase of the original report card, in the form of an itemized receipt, credit card billing statement, invoice, or other written business record expressly documenting that a report card for the particular species was purchased and the corresponding fee was paid. The cardholder is exempt from this requirement if the report card was issued through the Automated License Data System.

(D) Payment of the Replacement Card Fee specified in Section 701(f), 701(g) or 701(h)Title 14, CCR, established pursuant to subdivision 1053(b) of the Fish and Game Code, and as adjusted pursuant to Sections 713 and 1055 of the Fish and Game Code.

(E) Payment of the Replacement Processing Fee specified in Section 701(i) or 701(j), Title 14, CCR, established pursuant to subdivision 1050(e) of the Fish and Game Code.

(2) Based on the information provided in the written affidavit, the department shall issue only the number of tags that were reported unused on the previously issued report card.

(3) At the time the replacement card is acquired, if the cardholder is required to have a sport fishing license, the number of the replacement card shall be entered in the appropriate space on the sport fishing license and the fishing license number shall be entered in the space provided on the report card.

(4) All regulations applicable to the initial card also apply to additional cards issued pursuant to this subsection.