View Full Version : West Guin Reports! Also Doug Neal...

05-31-2011, 06:17 PM
Hey Sniffers,

Check out the latest trout reports. Go to the home page, hit reports on the left and then go to both Northern Sierras and Northern Mountains.

In the Northern Mountains section that crazy mountain man Doug Neal of Almanor Fishing Adventures talks about the latest at lake Almanor.

In the Northern Sierra section....equally as crazy West Guin (he makes tackle, so that automatically makes him crazy LOL) has a pair of new reports on Davis Lake and Bucks Lake.

Doug is a well know fish catcher and West Guin must be a stick too. I've never fished with West, but he is always hooking nice fish. Doug is popping rainbows and browns, while West and his boys got rainbows, browns and a few macks at bucks...