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06-01-2011, 10:58 AM
First trip to San Pablo. Initially just planned to drive out to check out the lake, marina and area. Even though it was later in the day, we decided to rent a boat for a few hours to get a better look at the entire lake and various coves.

Trolled over to the dam and the east side, hitting the coves that weren't occupied. Got a few strikes on various trolling baits and got one nearly to the boat, but lost.

Fishing buddy (Captain Stormer) landed a nice 2.5 lb trout on a fire tiger, so we didn't go home completely empty handed.

Great lake and nice fishing spot. From the various posts on here and from talking to other fishers, the lake is sometimes very windy. We will be headed back...

Pics under my profile - San Pablo album.

Side note: Got really upset with some pleasure boaters and there obvious lack of respect for fellow boaters. Was trolling one of the coves and in comes 3 rentals packed full of morons speeding, trying to jump each others wakes and generally causing havoc. I tried to reel in my lines quickly, but was not successful. Ended up losing about half a spool of line and a lure. With the entire lake area open, they decide it's more fun cruising up the coves. Ok. that's my soapbox... :soapbox5gm:

06-02-2011, 12:04 PM
The weekends are like that with pleasure boaters. Thanks for the report. How was the water clarity?

06-02-2011, 05:38 PM
Nice to fish 2 different lakes in 1 weekend!!

Way to do it! http://www.fishsniffer.com/images/icons/icon6.png

06-04-2011, 09:44 AM
JwG - Still trying to hit a new lake each month. Got the Friday off and then buddy wanted to check out San Pablo. Didn't have any plans, but when a fishing buddy calls for backup, I gotta respond!

TroutGhost - Water clarity was good in the main lake area, to about 6-8 feet. With the wind, the coves were slightly cloudy, to about 4 feet.

First trip to San Pablo, so I'll have to remember to watch out for pleasure boaters. Not that I mind others being on the lake, I just don't like to lose line and tackle via some jack-wagon showing off.

Set the hook... -OTB