View Full Version : Shasta Houseboating Trip

06-13-2011, 01:46 PM
Trolled for 4 hours. Caught 2 salmon, 2 rainbows. None of them too big. Probably 5lbs for 4 fish. Bite hit about 11am. Lake is really full and tons of debris from the shore line. Lost lots of gear and line from drift wood. Bass action looks like its about to turn on. Saw a few smaller ones along the shore line. Saw one giant carp. Bull frog tadpoles. Not much surface action all weekend. Water is still very cool and stained to about 5 feet visibility. We caught the fish on traditional trout gear. Flashers etc... Caught two smaller spotted bass on crawlers. The lake is def. fishable, but it seems like its going through a transitional stage where the fish are confused, they seemed scattered, even blue gill.... I was hoping for better fishing up there, but at least we got a few for the bbq. There is still snow on the mountains and it rained a little on top of it. Not a traditional fishing year, thats for sure.

06-13-2011, 03:24 PM
There will be more to come the thaw is in full force. Glad to see you were able to score, I'm sure the lake lice will have a field day but with the lake full there will be plenty of room for everyone:professor24jj:.......Jetspray