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06-24-2011, 11:14 AM
I have some flexibility in my work schedule over the next ten days, so I took the boat up to Silver/Capels area on Thursday.
Arrived at 7 am from Sacramento. Went up to Caples just in case the boat ramp was open, which it was not. The lake is 90% clear of ice….however, the ice is all blown up against the boat ramp. Seems like it should be 100% clear very very soon.
Turned around and went back down to Silver and had the boat on the water with trolling gear in at 7:30-7:40.

The lake looked real fishy, but to my surprise, it was a slow day for me and the three other boats I talked to.

Started the day trolling the channel with a worm flasher combo and a jointed f-5 rainbow at speeds ranging from 1.9-2.4 MPH per my GPS. No action in 45 min. so I switched it up.

Kept switching it up….kept switching it up. All the usual suspects, needlefish, rapalas of different types, kastmaster, criplures, humdinger etc, with or without flashers, pulled out the leadcore setup for a while, changed speeds, changed locations….but still slow (although I did mark some fish on the finder…. holding in the mid-water column and down low in the channel—I had at least one rod in those water columns all day…but still slow).

First and only fish came at 11am. A 10 inch scrawny looking brown on a ….black and gold panther martin….(Yep I went old school….even trolled around a black woolybuger for awhile). Lip hooked, easily released without even touching him.

I dragged around that black and gold panther and put similar types of lures on my second rod….nothing for two more hours.
Anchored at the creek inlet and fished bait for a while for nothing. Did the same on the rock walls on the east side of the lake for nothing.

All in all, a fine day on the water. (Especially since the only fish FINALY kicked the skunk off of my new G-Loomis CR842-2 trolling rod which I purchased two months ago!)

06-24-2011, 11:26 AM
I hate it when logic doesn't work on fish. They probably already fed heavilly at the first ice-out. Better luck next time.