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08-05-2011, 09:26 PM
I'm on vacation right now. I've been a week in Northeastern Vermont, quite close to the Canadian border. I bought books about the area and hung out at the local bait shop. But the lake I'm staying at doesn't have public access, afaik, so the info is not out there online or in a book.

I trolled in a kayak and found that trolling in a paddle boat was more comfortable. But for this lake, although I caught a good amount of perch, LMB and SMB, the landlocked salmon and various species of trout were elusive.

What I learned is to start at the basics. My lodging is at the mouth of the creek that feeds the lake. But I never saw any indication of trout there. BIG MISTAKE. I knew that the mouths are a prime habitat for trout but never fished it nor saw anyone else fishing it.

On my last evening here I was bringing in the paddle boat and was about to dock when I stopped and looked down into a pool beside me, at the mouth of the lake. There were at least a dozen wild trout, including two that were at least 15 inches, patrolling the mouth eating insects in the feeding lane. I fetched the floating marshmallows, worms, hooks, and split shot. This was the first time I ever drift fished but I have to say it was quite fun. I almost got two of the trout but they shook loose from the single hooks I was using. It was difficult because there were ducks paddling in trying to snatch the bait. After an hour or so I think the trout moved on and were replaced by SMB's of which I caught three. Nevertheless, I have to thank fishsniffer because I had read some threads a couple nights ago about drift fishing with split shots and the info proved useful, so a big thanks! :)

Another of the basics was fishing the weedlines at dusk. Bass and perch were biting for a couple hours straight every evening. Silver spoons while light out then spinners once it became darker (vibrations/sound). My daughter had a blast catching LMBs, SMBs and perch. Had I heeded the basics, I would have been at the lake entrance instead of the dock in front of my cabin.

Tomorrow I'm off to a new lake for two weeks, this time in Massachusetts. After that to CT where I will try my hand at some saltwater and freshwater fishing. Will try to stick to the basics this time. ;)

08-06-2011, 07:16 AM
Yep proof positive is you need to stick with what you know and give that a try first. As long as you have a well stocked box you can always throw everything you have at them until you get on the bite. Thanks for the report and taking us along:angling::iagree:.......Jetspray

08-06-2011, 07:18 AM
Sounds like a great vaca! Good job on figuring them out though a bit late. Funny how we need to remind ourselves of the basics when on strange water. You're not alone :)

Look forward to your next report on new water.