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08-12-2011, 01:50 PM
A friend of mine called me up Friday night to see if I would like to go out fishing with his Uncle Captain Lanny FISHAHOLIC Charters on his boat the “SURVIVOR” (in honor of his wife surviving Cancer) out of Elk Grove, CA . The trip was either out of Bodega Bay or SF GG Bridge. I’ve been to Bodega plenty of times and did ok in the past but this would be my second time out of the GATE. This is my first year fishing for Salmon out of the boat. I tried plugging for Salmon last year in Benicia but no luck. So SF here we come. I was so pumped up to go but needed to find at least one more person to board the boat to cover cost etc . I called my buddy who just started fishing a couple of months ago and this would be his fifth trip out on a boat. I anticipated for an answer. My buddy had set plans for a Poker tournament with his girlfriend. Finally the phone rings and he said yes! Now we have a full crew and ready to hit the water. So I called my buddy’s uncle and no answer, an hour goes by he calls with some bad news that the trip has to be canceled due to his wife being ill. I told him no problem maybe next time and hope his wife feels better. So that was a kill joy and I had to break the bad news to my friend and he was bummed out as he already went to the store bought sandwiches and drinks hyped up ready to roll. He told me try to call owner of the boat back to check to see how his wife was doing and if she becomes better in the morning to give us a call and we will still go. I called the captain back and told him we can be on standby, no problem. I told him to feel free to call us early morning if he was able to take us. So after talking with him he says you know what let’s do this looks like the wife is doing better. The fishing Gods answered out our prayers!

I woke up at 4:45am and headed to the bait shop for some frozen tray bait. Now we are set and headed to the Richmond boat launch. . We also stopped to pick up a scoop of live anchovies at the Richmond Marina. We are set to fish for Salmon! When we arrived at our destination we saw a fleet of boats roughly about 60 to 80 boats all around the fishing grounds. We started trolling around Duxberry and finally one of the reels starts to screeeam fish on. My buddy was the first to land the fish and boy was he nervous and excited at the same time. It looked like he and the fish were playing tug of war. The fish was not giving up and giving him a good fight. All my friend could say was big fish, big fish, big fish. The fight was on as the fish was taking out line but my friend played the fish like he has been fishing for a long time as the captain instructed him on what to do. He finally gets the fish to the boat and boom the fish jumps out of the water, I seriously thought the fish was gone after that. It was a sight to see that the fish was still there and what a sigh of relief when in the net and on board. A 20 pounder full of roe, high fives and shout outs wow were we pumped!! This is what fishing is all about!!! So back into fishing catching mode we try to find the bait balls again and boy were there lots. And Guess what? Another fish on again now it’s MY turn to react to the fight, man it was intense reeling. I get the fish close to the boat in the net but it jumps back out and headed to the prop Noooooo. Fish gone prop saved her, oh well. I then hurried and put line back out and as I am feeding the line out to a certain depth boo-ya fish on again it was so sudden and unbelievable that the drag was not even set yet but on free spool. I set the lever drag and here we go again. A mix of emotions, craziness and at the same time big smiles from ear to ear from all of us. Fish on board and the story repeats itself another 20 pounder and bigger than the one I lost previously. So between 10-11:45am we landed and boxed 5 fish from 15-20Lbs. Another hour goes by and boys we limited out 3 of us with 6 in da BOX. All ranging (1) 12 pounder and (5) in the 15-20lb range. My friend and I had a great experience and have to be one of the best fishing trips I’ve had in Nor Cal so far. The captain was awesome, friendly & knowledgeable on Salmon fishing. This trip would go down on one of my best trips!


08-12-2011, 02:22 PM
awesome!! i am dying to get out and get some salmon ... lanny smoked up some fish and i got a little taste ..damn good! i forgot what good smoked salmon tasted like! he went out the following trip and limited again 3 people ... this time smaller mix he said ... 7 lbs to a little over 20lbs ...

i wanna get out this weekend ..anyone else going out??

great report and great pics!

Big Game
08-12-2011, 03:10 PM

Way to go! Awesome report (I could feel the excitement) and great fish. Yeah, I love being outside the Gate
chasing the Salmon - it's quite an experience. If I may ask - what was your cost?

Enjoy your fresh fish!

Big Game

08-12-2011, 06:48 PM
Thanks fellas!!