View Full Version : Opening Day...how did you do?

08-20-2011, 12:10 PM
How was everyone's opening day of archery season? Mine was good but would have been better if I had connected. Hunted the morning with my lady and ran into a nice shooter that was at least a 2X2. I had no range finder and guestimate him to be at 50 yards. Snuck up to him as close as I could, drew my string, and let one go. Shucks, it's a little low. :duh: Off he goes into the woods. I gave chase and caught up 80 yards later. Had another good look ay him but he took off before I could let another arrow fly. Feeling down, we headed in the direction of the car. I spot movement up the left corner of my eyes, took out my cheap binoculars and spotted two shooter bucks with 2 does. We slowly made our way closer to the bucks and I can clearly see one was a small 2X2 that would have been really good on the grill. To make the story short, they saw me sneaking up on them and off they went, never to be seen again. So bucks 2, me 0. Hunted D7. Where? Not telling. LOL
Hunted til 10am then went :fishing5xd:. Fished Dinkey Creek for 30 minutes and caught 10 :trout: between the two of us. There were fish everywhere. Most fish were caught on the trout magnet while others came on the kastmaster. Power bait and salmon eggs were very very slow.

Too bad we had to come home early to take the kids back to school shopping. I would have love another chance at the buck I missed.

I hope some of you had better luck than I did.

08-21-2011, 07:39 AM
well bret it was fun but no horn sightings. ended up going to a spot I haven't been to since about 1994. on the way in saw a friend of mine headed same direction, he was planning on hunting the top of the mountain where I was going to hunt the bottom meadow. I walk in, skirting the meadow, but before I could get into the tree line on the far side I spot a bear walking the trail I'm heading to. at about 80 yrds the bear stops and looks at me knowing somethings amiss, after about five minutes I knock an arrow, as he moves ahead on his way. I make haste to close the distance. At about 50 yrds I decide it's too young to shoot, 100 lbs +/- . He finally spots me as I put my arrow away and bolts into the woods. I do my walk as planned. After an hour of walking decided to go try another area, the skeeters were as nasty as I've seen in a long time, couldn't escape. I head over to another peak where I killed a nice buck some years ago. talked with some other hunters, they said the same about the skeeters, can't stand still! Heading up to the peak, seeing bear scat all over the place, all fresh, I found some buck poop near the ridge, fresh as well. After topping out I spot tracks, does on the trott and a big boy bounding. I followed the tracks for a ways and now know his escape route and probable sanctuary area. leaving him for another day, I work my way down only to find another sow with a cub, saw fresh scat, heard the sound of claws on bark, then the cub runs past at 20 yrds with mom hot on her heels, pretty cool. also missed a coyote, standing broadside I guessed 80 yrds but only have a 70 pin, at 80 my bubble covers the target, arrow drops feet short. All in all it was nice to be back hunting around 8000 ft, thin air!! got home 4:45 showered, and went to see tower of power. good show, outdoors, the band is as tight as ever.

08-22-2011, 09:26 AM
Late report, was out on vacation as soon as I came back. I hunted the North A Zone (Clear Lake Area) during the opener. Got there early friday to do some scouting, saw some forked bucks that Friday while scouting and thought I would get one by weekends ends. Nope! Only saw a spike on Sunday and a bunch of does Sat and Sun. I stalked the herd of does hoping a buck would be trailing them but they were no shows. So strike out for me on the opener. Going back out 9/3, different area. Will post a report...

08-22-2011, 03:05 PM
Too many does out there. I say, let there be an X amount of tags for does a year to try to even out the herd.

08-22-2011, 03:48 PM
At least a few, that would be nice.