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09-28-2011, 07:00 PM
went out fishing with my dad today. we headed out late and got to the river around 8:30. i decided to take him to a spot i scoped out last sunday; i only caught one decent trout on the Pointer SP50 but it was slow as hell due to the clouds and i told my dad i'd take him there when the weather was better. well my dad and i fished for a good hour or so and got NOTHING!!! i tried the Pointer and drifting worms/letting worms sink to the bottom but nothing! we became fed up with the spot and decided to drive 30 min to a different river all together..

when we got to the river, the dam hadn't raised the water yet so the conditions were perfect. my dad and i crept up on a promising spot and my dad caught a small rainbow on the first cast! yay no skunk :) after about five minutes i caught four fish around the same size, nothing picture worthy but at this point a fish was a fish! my dad decided to move downstream. when he settled into his spot, he noticed a nice fish right below him. he cast out and guided the worm to the fish and after a few tries.. fish on!

very cool with his ultra light set up. 2 lb leader!

after a great battle Dad lands the biggest fish of the day :) too bad this pic doesn't do the fish justice.. it was so pretty i was kind of stunned for a minute or two. spectacular colors!

we both caught a few more, all smaller with the exception of one just a little bit smaller than my dads.
had an AWESOME day fishing with Dad, honestly probably the best father/son fishing experience i've ever had! can't wait for more!

trout wrangler
09-28-2011, 08:24 PM
Nice job to the both of you, glad you can still enjoy making those father son memories.

09-29-2011, 05:46 AM
Tell ur old man to get his butt back to work! LOL

I went back to his desk yesterday and I was looking for him, now I find out he's fishin and I didnt get an invite, go figure.....