View Full Version : Benicia 10-7-11 (late report)

10-11-2011, 07:06 AM
Decided to take the day off work and went out to benicia to try for salmon. Up to this point I'd never landed a salmon since the season closed just as I moved back to Ca. I've been out 4-5 times prior with minimal results....had one on @ dillon's point on the 31st but it was lost (fellow angler was shy with the net for 2 attempts) So this time I wanted to try something a little different than the Ve-ze lures or the myriad of other oversized spinners that everyone is throwing in every color......b/c to me, we're out there throwing cast after cast with shoulder to shoulder fishing and only a few are caught a day, and I know that my lure is passing alot more fish than I am catching. So what could that better pattern be? a Rapala? Nope. I don't doubt at all that a rapala or another stick bait will work, but it would be a task to keep it from getting snagged. So I was at mel cotton's and happened upon a lure that I hadn't seen since it came out.....a Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug. It just so happened that they had the colors I wanted ( yellow w/ flash) so I decided to pick one up and give it a whirl. The great thing about this bait is how you can scent it, I was able to open the lure and stuff in some fresh anchovy pieces, which I thought would greatly enhance my chances....and I was completely right! First cast.....cranked 3 cranks on the reel and BAM! fish on! A nice 4 1/2lb. Male...finally I was in business!! It only took about 20-30 mins to hook the next fish...a real solid 8 1/4lb. Female....and I was done just like that! After several trips and thousands of casts, I finally found something that worked for me....and it worked better than the normal patterns. I don't think it was just a fluke, but I will let everyone know the results of my next outing.