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06-01-2007, 10:59 AM
Having recently lost my sport fishing license, I paid the $8.40 to get a replacement, and had to pay full price again for any and all stamps. I got to wondering why we have to pay to ocean fish and does the stamp money really go to "enhance" the ocean or enhance the state's general fund?
Is the stamp only necessary within the 3-miles-from-shore boundary, or does it apply beyond that?
To me, having to pay to fish in the ocean is sorta like having to pay to breathe air (which I truly believe is coming someday). I looked on DFG sites but could not find any actual explanation for the "ocean enhancement stamp" or what the money from said fees is used for.

P.S. Watch out for the day when there is a "methane tax" and you have to pay extra money for items such as cabbage, beans, etc. They are already blaming dairy cows for polluting the air...we are next.

Side note: Just found this on the Internet. The statement was declared as false by someone else, but I don't know which one is right: "The money will in fact go into the Department's Non-Dedicated Preservation Fund. This fund is used for enforcement, research, and fisheries management to name a few."

06-01-2007, 11:49 AM
What area do you live in? *The Ocean Enhancement is a Southern California specific stamp (similar to our bay/delta stamp).
And yes, the money is used for "enhancement" ever hear about all the white seabass stocking that has pretty much saved the species in So-Cal? *Well, guess were the money came from?


06-01-2007, 01:45 PM
Live in Central Cal, fish Monterey Bay.

06-01-2007, 01:56 PM
Ive never purchased this stamp, always fished monterey bay, been checked a few times... Im not so sure you need to buy this...??

06-01-2007, 02:28 PM
Well, call it my little contribution to the SoCal white seabass! Now I know better...thanks! 8-)