View Full Version : West Carson River 10/29!

10-30-2011, 10:49 AM
First let me thank Captain Compassion for his posts of the East and West Carson that got me to run up there yesterday! LOL I was trying to figure out which direction I was going to head and saw the lunkers they landed at the 88/89 Bridge and other bridges so he helped define my search. Left Folsom and headed east!!! Got to 88/89 Bridge around 2 15 or so and started the hunt for big fish! I'd guess there were 8 or so fisherman/fisherladies around the bridge/upstream and downstream all shooting for the elusive monsters. I wish I would have shot some video of the fish or snapped a picture there but I didn't. Just missed one breakoff on Powerbait (red) before I got there, it snapped his 8lb test! Fished trying everything for an hour or so but NOTHING. Headed up 88 to the next bridge and caught a few small planters. Decided I need another shot or three at a pig trout so off to Sorensens Bridge. Looked down in the water and saw 5 BIG TROUT swimming on the downstream side!!!! Adrenaline starts pumping and nobody else is fishing here!!!! After a few casts of baits, I switched up to a Rapala Firetiger and tossed it in. One of the bigboys took a shot at it! Missed it! Another cast....Missed it again but he's really agressive!!! Third cast.....FISH ON!!!!!! My rod goes off and I'm in for a fight!! After 10 min or so of dodging rocks, letting him run and sweating it out, I get him on his side and on the bank!! Btw, no net, forgot it LOL 4.7 LBS 20.5" male!! New trout record personally! Tried a few more casts at the other fish but no takers. Back to 88/89 Bridge for another shot at a big one but again no luck there. Off to Folsom and had to get a good picture of it. Well a few pics LOL Even have one of my Mom holding it LMAO Thanks CC for the inspiration to get up there!!! Keep up the posts everyone, it works in giving information on where and what and also brings the fishing community closer!

10-30-2011, 01:26 PM
Awesome job! Way to keep moving and find a spot overlooked by others. And a big thumbs up on the personal best!!

10-30-2011, 03:35 PM
sweet. congratz on your personal best.

Captain Compassion
10-30-2011, 05:00 PM
Nice post BassOMatic and congratuations on the new PB. There are only two weeks left until the end of the season hopefully they may put some more large fish in the river before the closing on 11/15. Beautiful weather on the west side but this shall change. Enjoy it while you can.


10-31-2011, 05:22 PM
Thanks everyone! This is a prelude to my favorite time of the year....Ski season!! LOL I don't mind the beautiful drive up there one bit, especially if you get a shot at a true lunker! I'll be up there often until its closed up there then back to bass in the foothills and delta! Maybe a charter or two, who knows! I thought I had the fever before, now I've really got it bad!! LOL