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05-14-2007, 05:30 AM
Was out fishing Sat 5/12 out at the Alameda Rockwall with a buddy of mines after we decided not to venture out the gate for some salmon with the high winds. *We ended up drifting the rockwall area and caught quite a few shaker halibuts (males mostly ranging from 15-21") and these guys were spewing jism all over the place, a monster stingray (50plus pounds), and one keeper leopard shark. *

I thought I had the halibut of the century when I hooked up into that stingray as it bit and ran just like a halibut. *I must have fought that thing for about 20mins having it take me around the boat a few times but never really running off like they usually do. *My rod was doubled over and arms were sore trying to hold onto the rod and adjust the drag at the same time. *Then about an hour later as I pulled off my glasses to dry them off, I see (with blurry vision) my rod just go side ways, as the something just slams the bait and starts running with it (I am thinking monster striper this time), there was so much pressure on the rod that I had a hard time pulling it out of the rod holder. *I finally get the rod out and start fighting it and the thing is just running all over the place. *It didn't take long to bring it in as I think my arms had just got a good workout and got a little buffer fighting the stingray. *It ended up being a 40" leopard shark and by now my arms were a little rubbery, glad I didn't hook up a large hali as I was pretty spent for the day. *

The wind was blowing so hard that we weren't sure which way the tide was running and when dfg came up to check our license, they even said "you guys are pretty hard core" *as we were one of very few boats left out there in the afternoon still trying to get a keeper halibut. *The water looked like the potato patch out there and it was fun watching about 3 groups of outrigger canoes trying to make it back to alameda from across the bay through all of it (I bet their arms were really tired). *

All in all a fun day with exception to the high winds........

05-14-2007, 07:51 AM
I went out yesterday with my wife (how great is it that my wife wanted to go fishing on mothers day!....now if she only liked football it would be heaven on earth) We didnt go out of the gate due to wind so we started at the Berkeley pier with live shiners from Loch Lomond and I nailed a 40lb ray that I thought was a halibut. A couple of shaker halibut and that was it for the day! when wind started picking up we went to southampton shoals and the wind kept up. All in all a poor day fishing but a great way to spend mothers day.
Question: is it worth going to SF for chovies or, do shiners do the trick? Anybody fished for halibut with live smelt??????

05-14-2007, 09:09 AM
smelt will do the job for Flattys!!! best of luck!! CJ [smiley=captjack.gif]

05-14-2007, 11:34 AM
I was out there saturday too and the wind would not let up !!. We ended up for the day with a few sharks but no butts :-/

05-16-2007, 05:54 AM
I have personally had much better luck with anchovies than I did using smelt. I believe it must have to do with the "shiny" bodies that the chovies have as opposed to smelt which are somewhat dull in color. Halis work alot off of sight when they feed, as their two eyes look directly up towards the surface. Also, when people troll for them they always use some sort of "flasher" as a attractant, which further tells me that the shinery the bait the better.

Imhisnibbs, I hope someday I will find a wife that will want to go fishing with me on a day that is generally reserved for her and watch football with me, your a lucky man.....