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11-27-2011, 07:25 PM
I have been fishing @ Los Vaqueros for the last 4 years on a regular basis. I have been reading a lot about Del Valle and have only been out there once. There are some interesting comparisons. The water supply for both as I understand comes from the Delta and does not have any system to keep fish from entering, that is why there are stripers in both reservoirs.

4 years ago when we first started fishing @ L.V. we were catching a lot of trout and some bass and a few salmon. We would catch an occasional shaker striper when trolling with night crawlers. 2 years ago the DFG for some reason (L.V. was not on the no plant list) but they stopped planting and the only plants were coming every other week from Calaveras. The Calaveras trout were all the same size, about 1.5 lbs. On the day of the plant the top water bass guys would come out in the evening and cast into the striper boils as they were feasting on the plant and catch some nice ones. The fishing for trout would be good for about 2 days then die out til the next plant.

After a guided trip with captain R.J. Waldron in the Delta and then catching a 45 lber here the year before, we decided to try the trolling techniques he used for stripers in the delta. Basically, chrome/blue 3/4 oz rattle traps. We were averaging 8-10 stripers each trip, most were keeper size. One day we caught 17! Then every week more and more people started fishing for stripers. The bass were gone, 1 or 2 salmon were being caught a month, and the trout bite was basically dead. Striper fishing was excellent! Then the expansion project began. The dam area was closed, which happened to be the best trolling spot. The reservoir was reduced to 50 %. Then for some reason they decided to plant 60,000 fingerling salmon??? The trout plants completely stopped in May and the shore fisherman (according to the reports) were averaging 5-15 stripers each day. This started around April/May this year. The larger ones seemed to have been caught early on and now they were averaging around 8lbs.

If you do the math, let's say 7 stripers caught each day, most people are keeping and in fact they had a problem with people keeping the shakers(imagine that). It would be about 200+ stripers per month. 1400 in the May-Nov stretch. How many fricken stripers are in there??? How many are in Del Valle? I would think they would be a pretty decent amount. This would be the probable reason for the lack of trout action in the last couple of years.

The new water delivery system to L.V. according to the literature says there is a brand new screening system to keep the delta fish out. If this is true and with the big dent in the striper population maybe L.V will get back to the great trout and salmon fishery it was a few years ago. I'm not sure what will happen @ Del Valle.

11-27-2011, 07:50 PM
Look at New Hogan Lake and look at Lake McSwain.
Lake Hogan was an exelent trout fishery until striped bass were introduced to the lake. Then the stripers took over, try to catch a trout at Hogan. If trout were planted here like L.V. It would die down after 2 days as well.

Lake McSwain is planted 11 times a week(not really it's weekly, sometimes by DFG and Calaveras. After 2 days it will die down till the next plant. The only real predators in this lake are spotted bass. I've never seen any one catch a bass out of this lake. It recieves at least 10,000lbs. of trout each year.

My opinion on this is, trout should be stocked in a lake inhabited by striper. Fatter stripers and stockers wise up in a couple days any way, they don't all become striper food.