View Full Version : bodega bay 12/7

12-08-2011, 07:47 AM
Short report, 28 legals,10-13 females/juveniles and 12 rockcod.

Detailed report, hit the water at 7:30am and splashed pot from 50' to 185'. I had 8 pots spread out just to see/test areas that I have never fished. After dropping all pots we ran to bird rock and fished for rockcod for a few hours while the gear soaked. Bit was ok for rocks. Had to work from them. My girlfriend ended up not only catching the biggest, 4lb copper, but as so the most. I did manage to catch the smallest........ Made a pull of gear for 17 legals and need 3 more so re-set gear and moved some to more productive spots. Soaked them for an hour and them re-pulled gear from 11 more legals, 3 for us and 8 to get next time. All and all good day out, water was flat calm.


P.S. Thanks Seon for the traps. They worked well!!