View Full Version : Hunting for HUNTER!!

12-12-2011, 10:56 PM
Hi folk's, I am new here, and looking for some help. I was drawn for zone X3A this 2011 season. While there I met a young man that was also hunting that zone. We talked for over an hour, which is unusal for me. You might say we hit it off. Before he left I forgot to get any contact info from him. All I know is his name is Jeff, about 25 to 30 year's old. Drives a late model four wheel drive Dodge P.U. And he lives in Merced. I contacted fish and game, but they would'nt help me. I would appreciate any help. And by the way, I killed a great buck there. 28"- 4X6- non-typical, with heavey bases. Thank's again. Jeff