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12-25-2011, 06:59 PM
Wow... what a difference a day or two makes! It was a tough go today.

A got up this morning and over breakfast I asked mama what was on the agenda for the day. She says "not a thing and yes, you can go fishin if you would like." Cool... got my Christmas Day kitchen pass and I'm out the door in 15 minutes!!! I'm thinkin...perfect day for Amador... shouldn't be anybody there! Pulled in the parking lot about 8:00 with only 3 other rigs in site... oh ya!!! Put the grubs out and headed to the hot spots from last Fri. 1 hour later... nada! Change up some colors and stay the course.... nada. Still another hour and I finally boated the 1st fish and missed another. Maybe.... just maybe I've found the right combo that they're lookin for today!!! Nope....another hour for nada so its time for something different. How about the Rapalas and spoons????... nope. Back to the grubs and about 12:30 I boated #2 and #3 almost back to back... maybe things are changing? Wishful thinking..... about 2:30 I decide to call it a day and on the way back to the ramp I hit a hot spot and boated 3 (released a small one) in about 15 minutes to make my limit. I don't know if I just got lucky OR maybe the water had warmed a little to a point they were back to feeding on top??? (I'd love to hear some opinions on that!)
Talked with N8LUVS2FISH and family on the radio... they were having a similar day early but it sounded like they got it figured out and were puttin fish in the boat about the time I headed out.
I did see a couple of guys do real well that took a boat to the back part of the lake and then did the power bait thing from shore. I guess that tells me the fish were there and biting.... just not interested in what I had to offer.

Here's the skinny...
Water temp - 49 -50
Rapalas - Nada
Spoons - Nada
Grubs - Pink for 0, Orange for 2, Chartruse for 4
Speed -1.5
Scent - Procure Shad

Merry Christmas everybody... see ya on the water!

12-25-2011, 07:25 PM
LOL,Hansen even on a bad day you make it a good one,from many reports people are saying the bite is off somewhat,bankers especially are haveing trouble,I'm not familiar with the way Amador trout behave but here at Collins lake the bite will pick up later in the day in the shallower coves/areas where the water warms up sooner,lot of people here know that about our local lakes an fish later an not so early,it's not 100% for sure though as it is "fishing".Anyways great post an congrats on stickin it out an gettin on the fish!!Hopefully Nate got em dialed in,he usually does..;).Hope ya had a good Christmas....Don

12-26-2011, 04:36 PM
Good for you Hansen!