View Full Version : Camanche Dec 30 2011

12-31-2011, 10:28 AM
3 Rainbows to almost 4#, 2 HNS, no LDR, none broken off, no SDR. A very slow day, again, at Camanche, North Shore for me. I bait fished Rainbow Glitter PB on the bottom for a half hour (0) and trolled most of the day. The action I had was on the Firetiger grub (3) smeared with Trophy Trout, Krill or Shad gel and tipped with a PB Red fluorescent sparkle egg at 1 color of lead core at 1.6 mph. 7 Locations Horse Island, Rock Wall (1), Narrows, Lancha Plan (1), approaching, at, leaving the bridge (1). No action on Apexes, chartreuse grub. 6 hours (10:45-4:45), 15 miles. Water 50-53*. Air 44-52*. Sky overcast to clear. Wind 0 mph. Sunrise 7:24 % moon visible 27.

Koke Machine83
12-31-2011, 10:37 AM
Guy Brown: We were up there in Nate's North River. Did you see us. We were in the Narrows most of the day. Congrats on three nice Rainbows. Grubs is where it's at now. I think it might be to cold for the faster lures. We also tried a few Apex's for no Love!!! Congrats to you. Robbie