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01-06-2012, 12:04 PM
Been a busy week so thats why this report is a bit late. My g/f and I decided to get away from all the NYE "hoopla" locally and spend it somewhere we could enjoy some laid back fishing. We called a friend and decided to go 50/50 on a cabin at Collins lake. I also made the decision to make take my boat with us for its maiden voyage (see post http://www.fishsniffer.com/boats-motors-gear/94377-maiden-voyage.html for background info). We got to the lake about 11am on saturday in no hurry to get our lines wet, but were on the water by 1pm. My g/f and I decided since the boat was floating and running to take it out for some trolling while our buddy and his g/f fished the beach. Within 10min of dragging a silver repala i was hooked into the first fish of the day. A short fight, a leap out of the water that crossed the other line and the small planter was gone. We rolled up past the launch, turned around and came back for a pass in front of the beach just outside the 5mph bouys where I got into my second fish, a short fight that ended the same as the last with a LDR. Not to be discouraged and determined to get that elusive first fish into a "new" boat we headed across the lake to troll the other shoreline. As we make are way along the shore towards the dam I get a text from my buddy on the beach that he needs a stringer. His g/f, fishing with a pink pole and a spinning reel that lites up, landed a "nice fish". Just as I start my reply that we are on our way over, my g/f says "your poles bouncing". Should have known, everytime you pick up your sandwich, coffee, phone, or other distractions they decide its time to bite. No arguments here though as thhis little planter would be the fish that "popped the cherry" on my boat.


After getting the fish unbuttoned we headed to the beach to find the "nice fish" she had landed there was a 2.5lber caught on a nightcrawler. We spent the rest of the evening on the beach enjoying good company and slow fishing. At about 4pm the bite turned on heavy for the group next to use as we watched one teenage girl land 3 fish within 15min.
Fast forward to Sunday morning, as the NYE celebration is still a bit blurry, and we were on the water by 8am. Started our troll in front of the dam and again with 15min, this time using a siver and gold yozuri I was into the first fish. Another 2 hours with three rods, swapping lures and baits only netted 2 other fish. We headed back to the cabin to check on the hangover crew and start breakfast. Checkout time for the cabins is 12 noon so we packed our stuff and headed down to fish the beach for a couple more hours. Baits of choice were nightcrawlers, and nightcrawler pb combo. We caught 4 more planters that afternoon before calling it a day.

Talked to several boaters over the two days to find varied results. We trolled with no DR's or flashers only repalas and yozuris catching all fish on lures with silver/shad patterns. Another angler was pulling out of the water just after noon on saturday with his limit and an estimate of 10 fish total to the boat. He was top lining a power egg above a power worm all day. saturday afternoon I also spoke with two guys trolling "everything in the box" behind flashers and dodgers who had managed only one small. I saw only 2 boats using downriggs, both in front of the dam and one said he had been been skunked. Take it for what its worth but my $0.02 is the fish are on top and keeping it simple on the troll is catching more fish


01-06-2012, 06:49 PM
Congtratz on breaking her in......... The boat the is :p

01-06-2012, 07:16 PM
Hey RNP you were in my backyard,so how do ya like our little lake?Sometimes the fishing is off the hook other times only a few get there limits,banking it there is pretty straight forward,trolling is the killer till ya figure it out.
Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves,never been there on NYE weekend was it crowded?Probably noisy with you guys there,LOL.
Thanks for the update an a well detailed post....Don

scnt junky
01-06-2012, 08:35 PM
Great report lots of details, Glad you broke the boat in and had a good time.

01-11-2012, 05:22 PM
this was our third trip up there in as many weeks, so I guess you could say we enjoy it. It was actually fairly busy over NYE compared to the previous trips. Christmas eve day we were there along with 3 other bankers between the dam and the beach and only 2 boats. Several groups with RVs said they come up every NYE weekend to get away from the drunks and idiots. Guess they didnt know we'd be there. Its a small lake and peaceful. And the fishing is not too bad either.