View Full Version : Folsom Lake 1/8 Report.. nope more of a comedy of errors

01-08-2012, 03:48 PM
Decided to take my 2 boys out to Folsom Lake today and try to troll for some trout, guess that was my first mistake. The afternoon ended up in more of a comedy of errors than a fishing trip. Got to the loading ramp everyone is set, back the boat down the ramp at Browns.. my kids yell "Dad were good" (meaning were floating) so I stop and tie the boat to the dock and try to take off and the boat starts to come with me... They werent floating, just letting me I was doing a good job backing up. LOL ... They are 9 and 11 so what should I expect.

Finally get the boat launched and another boat ties up behind me at the end of the doc in the meantime. Here I am thinking to myself "How are you going to load your boat with you at the end of the dock and me at the front?" So I decide to just push off , float away, fire up the engine and head out. Nope! No go, wont start both batteries wont start my engine. I did test them before we left and I was good, so Im really baffled now.

New dilemma.. What's a dad to do now? 2 kids, 1 dead boat and 10 feet from the dock and ramp. Just jump to waist high water and pull the boat back to the dock. I did at least have the forethought to hand my iphone to my son before I had to jump in or this story would have been a lot worse

Man what a newb I must have looked like today. Im just glad it wasnt busy or there would have been a bunch of pissed of people trying to launch :)
Morale of the story: Still the worst day fishing (or trying to fish) is better than work tomorrow. :imsmilin9py:

Hope you all enjoyed my Folsom Lake report

01-08-2012, 04:05 PM
Weve all been there FF, and anyone who states otherwise is just too embarassed to admit it. At least you remembered to put the plug in and werent taking on water during all your fun. Nothing liked paniced kids to add to the fire drill. Like I said, been there.


01-08-2012, 04:41 PM
Yep, been there done that.... It's a learning experience.... And a funny story to share in the future... Guarantee those kids will remember it forever and they will periodically remind you too.
Nothing like heading out full of anticipation and once you get out of the 5mph buoys you drop the hammer and your boat becomes a slug... Saying to yourself why is this thing so slow at which time you notice the water coming up through the floor seams...

Just another day on the water..... Happy fishing....

01-08-2012, 05:44 PM
That is so funny... because it recycles all the stupid things my wife and I
have done and continue to do so at ramps, banks, et al. Today my large
straw hat blew off my bald head at Quarry lakes during a gust, and went like 20 ft

into Horseshoe Lake..so I just
simply adjusted my retreive of my water bobber ( Water Bobber c/o one RideNFish with Wine
Cork Strike Indicator ) and "super duper" and the
treble hook "caught" the hat!! Should have taken a picture. That was my only "catch" of
the day!

I too once forgot to remove the sho9ck cords holding the aluminim boat
from the transom to the trailer.. as I back down the ramp the stern keeps
getting lower and lower in the water.. I yell at my wife to pull the boat off the
trailer with the rope !! .. By now about half my Chevy S-10 is under water and I realize it
was my fault for not removing the tie-downs... ARRRRRGGHHHH

Anyway... different strap set-up now, one that wraps the whole boat to the trailer..

Stories will be told for years ahead on your trials and tribulations today.. those
are good things to have. Life is good..

01-08-2012, 07:41 PM
Oh memories :)