View Full Version : Camanche Rainbow Trout Jan 9 2012

01-11-2012, 10:06 AM
3 Rainbows to 6# (released), 2 HNS, no LDR, none broken off, 1 SDR (the big ones always get away). Another slow but beautiful day at Camanche, North Shore. I fished solo as it was too cold for my lucky dog, Spike. I trolled. The action I had was on the Firetiger (2) or orange (1) grub, headed by PB Red fluorescent sparkle egg, tipped with a PB Rainbow nugget, smeared with Trophy Trout gel at 1 color (1) or 2 colors (2) of lead core. I got one of the fish on 1 color of lead core on a side planer 100 back, 25 to the side at 1.3-1.5 mph. 6 locations Hat (1), Hat to Dam (1), Dam, Causeway Cove (1), approaching, at, leaving the bridge (1), Narrows (I had the SDR of a large fish here). No action on Apexes. 7 hours (7:15-2:15), 23 miles. Water 50.5-51.9*. Air 36-64. Sky clear. Wind 0 mph. Sunrise 7:25, % moon visible 99 waxing.

01-12-2012, 06:06 AM
Thanks for the update an detailed post,sounds like you had a decent day it just wasn't full of doubles :Drumor has it that Camanche is putting a super big plant for this president day weekend......Don

01-12-2012, 07:31 AM
GuyBrown, what a great report. One of the best I've read on any fishing websites! And entering your mileage is a big help for me because I'm paddling a kayak. Thanks for taking the time and being so observant. It's attention to the these details that makes a difference in catching fish.
- Tom