View Full Version : Bon Tempe 2/4/12

02-04-2012, 09:00 PM
hey guys. had a chance to go to bon tempe again. What a beautiful winter day. Fished from 10:30 til 5. Action was pretty consistent all day. We landed 8 trout; released 4 and kept 4 as they were bleeders. Used powerbait in all colors was working with gold and green being the most effective. Had a good pull down 10 minutes at the beginning as I was getting the 2nd rod ready, missed :( we got a lot of action all day. Seem they are sneaky but fiesty trouts. They were hitting it very lightly so if you get a hit and miss it, check your bait as most likely they took it!!! They were that quick.

anyways they last planted bon tempe on Jan 31st with 1000 lbs with half pound trout.

here are some pictures. Enjoy