View Full Version : 22LR Winchester 555 Ammo

02-14-2012, 04:38 PM
Not sure if I can post ammo, but I see that some guns are posted so just putting this out there.

Selling brand new box of Winchester 555 for 22LR.

Copper plated 36 grain hollow points, 1280 fps.

For those that haven't tried these, they are great ammo, about as consistent and accurate as CCI ammo. I believe these retail for about $25-$28, selling for $20. These are about 5 months old, all stored in ammo cans. The ammo scare last year had me buying up all the 22LR ammo I could get my hands on so now I'm just reducing my stock. I have 3 boxes available. Local pickup in Santa Clara/ San Jose.