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02-18-2007, 04:47 PM
We were in the area from Monday thru Sat of this past week. Early in the week, the tides were real early in the AM so we chose to fish on Friday when high tide was to be about 9 AM. We checked Moss Landing State Beach and Pajaro Dunes Beach earlier in the week and decided on Moss Landing. Started fishing about 7 AM on Friday and fished till 10:30 AM and never even got a bite. We worked about a half mile of beach using grubs and sand worms but nothing worked. Surf was heavier on Friday than it was earlier in the week but I thought it was still fishable. Other than a sealion working the surf, I can't think of anything that would turn the bite off that much! Oh well, another time.

02-18-2007, 05:06 PM
Were you fishing for perch? Went to that area a few days ago and 2 of us caught a meager total of 5 small-sized barred surf perch, using Berkeley Gulp camo sand worms, cut in about half or thirds. Caught fish on the 4" and 6" ones, but was still s-l-o-w. The motor oil grubs were supposed to have been the "hot" bait, but we didn't get any bites on those. This was at Manresa State Beach.

Tried Zmudkowski State Beach too but bombed out there. Also tried over at Marina State Beach and also bombed out, but a few weeks ago saw some people really hammering the perch (big ones) with live shrimp. REALLY hard to find that bait...they'd got theirs over in San Jose.

I found krill in the stomachs of the perch when I cleaned them, what artificial bait resembles krill?

02-18-2007, 07:32 PM
Hay Toxic,
Yes, we were fishing for perch. We did not see anyone else fishing the beach at all so maybe they knew something we didn't. ;) We were using the Berkley Gulp Sandworms along with grubs and got no bites. I am not sure that bait would have been any better that day. Its like I always say, "Fish bite twice a day. On half hour before I get there and one half hour after I leave." ;D

02-19-2007, 06:11 AM
"Fish bite twice a day. *On half hour before I get there and one half hour after I leave." * ;D

LOL ;D How true that is sometimes. Thanks for the report. I'm gonna give surf fishing a try this year and Moss Landing will probably be the place I start... hopefully a 1/2 hour after the bite starts. ::)

02-20-2007, 05:29 PM
looking for perch... :-/

Toxic and I caught five small surf perch on the 12th of Feb at Manresa State Beach. It was slow going but at least we caught some, have had a dry spell for a while.
Does anyone know where you can buy pile worms or small live shrimp???
Seems that live bait will get the big ones to bite.
We rigged our light action rods (6.5' spinning) with a 1 ounce sliding egg sinker and red bead, snap swivel and 2 foot leader with #10 red octopus hook.
We didn't cast out too far, just past where the waves broke and the backwash exposed the bottom.
The bite was very light, but you can feel a light tip tap and I did set the hook lightly. Several swallowed the gulp camo sand worm pieces and some we lipped.
Well any way we feasted on the perch and some dabs we caught the day before out in the bay.
Good luck and please post how your results. ;)

02-21-2007, 02:24 PM
The liquor store on the south end of Moss Landing has pileworms and bloodworms for sale. Its located on the corner of HWY 1 and Portrero Rd. They get their shipments on Tuesdays I think. Usually sold out by Sunday...its the only place around to get bloodworms.

Good luck!

02-21-2007, 09:54 PM
I am thinking of hitting the mouth the Salinas River/Mulligan Hill The beach south of the Jetty and Pajaro River area 6-27-07 Stripers Stripers Stripers May be early but? *:-/

02-26-2007, 05:01 AM
Fished Sunset beach on the 16th, ZIP. Moved to Moss Landing and caught 4- 1 1/2 lb perch and a half dozen small ones. It was very rough. The waves were about 6-8'. All the fish were caught on LIVE grass shrimp, which we bought at LY'S tackle shop in san jose off captital ave. Tried again on the 23 rd and only caught 1-1 lb'er and a bunch of small ones on grubs.

02-26-2007, 08:38 PM
Wow, Doris, I would give anything to catch a limit of 1 1/2 lb perch. :P

02-27-2007, 05:17 PM
So...after looking at a Fish & Game page on the Internet regarding surf perch, am I correct in interpreting it to mean that along the central coast (Monterey Bay area) a person can have 20 perch as a limit, as long as you don't have more than 10 of the same species? I see different regs for S.F. and San Pablo Bays.

And if you are catching redtail perch, they have to be a minimum of 10 1/2" in length?

Oh, shame on me -- I didn't even know that surfperch HAVE a limit, so it's a damn good thing I haven't had a lot of luck lately. I keep thinking of them as sorta like "ocean bluegills," but I should have known there was no chance of an unregulated species.

Man, I wonder if there's a limit on how many houseflies I can swat, or if I will need a license! :D

02-27-2007, 07:55 PM
Hay Toxic, It might be a good idea to check the current 2007 regs on surf perch as they are confusing. If I am not mistaken, only silver surf perch the limit is 20. I think the rest the limit is 5, and yes it is 10 1/2 inches for redtails.

02-27-2007, 08:03 PM
Man, I wonder if there's a limit on how many houseflies I can swat, or if I will need a license! :D

That's next on PETA's list ;D